Coconut oil

Some time ago I read an article about Miranda Kerr’s beauty secrets – The article says that Miranda drinks 2 spoons of this oil a day and uses it as a dressing in her salads. She also applies the oil on her face and it makes her skin glow.

Starting yesterday (23rd of April), I decided to give Miranda’s tips a try and check back in a month’s time to track the progress.

My skin type is normal / combined. There is a bit of redness on the cheeks. I decided to take a picture today and compare it with another one I’ll take in a month’s time to see the progress.

Apparently, there are two types of coconut oil: for cosmetics use and for cooking. You can use the cooking type oil on your skin too. Although, I have to admit that cooking type coconut oil has a very weird smell (smells like bacon or something like it). Unless you want to walk around all day smelling like bacon, I recommend using cosmetics type for your skin. However, for my hair I might use cooking type, as it’s probably more natural. Yes, you can apply coconut oil on your hair as a mask and leave it for an hour or for a whole night. This advice was also given in the same article I mentioned earlier.


This is cosmetics type coconut oil I bought in one of pharmacies nearby. The bottle is really tiny – 20 ml. Not very practical, I would say.


On the contrary, cooking type coconut oil comes in a huge can of 750 ml. Since I drink only 2 teaspoons and use a tiny bit with my tomatoes salad, it will probably last for ages. What is interesting is that cooking type oil is solid! However, it easily melts with a bit of heat. What I do is I take 2 spoons of oil out of the can and put it in a bowl. Heat it for 30 seconds and then I drink a bit and save the rest for salads or the next day. Oil can become solid again, and then I just re-heat it again.

The taste is nothing close to delicious, but I think I already see the improvements on my skin even after the 2 days use or maybe it’s just the impression I have. It’s hard to tell at the moment. So, it would be better to do before and after picture in a month’s time.

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