The Power of Negative Thinking

A couple of days ago I suffered from terrible headache. I was surfing the Internet, browsing different motivational and positive thinking blogs, when I stumbled upon the blog below. Right before I opened it, I remembered the suggestion I read in one of the self-help books I read recently. Their advice was to ask your subconsciousness: “By what behavior did I attract this disease / ache?” So, I asked myself and the answer that I got was that I resist negative thoughts too much. This resistance created tension in my shoulders and upper body, which slowed blood circulation to my head, resulting in my headache. You can imagine my surprise when I opened the blog and read the post that was so in line with the answer I received from my subconsciousness. But then again, there are miracles everywhere, if you only are willing to see them.

What I noted to myself after reading this post is that it’s very important to not resist the negative thoughts. By resisting you’re creating more situations where you have to resist them. It’s better to acknowledge the fact, grasp the root cause of that negative emotion / feeling / thought and make a change. For me, it was and still is making a peace with someone who hurt me in the past. For quite some time I’ve been resisting the thoughts about him and living like the situation never happened and tried to be positive instead. What I realized is that I should uncover something I was hiding from myself, acknowledge the fact of what happened, forgive the person who wronged me and make peace with my past. Sometimes, we hide dead bodies of the past under the layer of positivity, but it’s better to look into the eye of the problem and solve it once and for all than to fear that the mistakes and hurt of the past will haunt you again.

By the way, my headache miraculously disappeared right after reading the post.

Here is the link to Ursula’s blog and the post I’ve been talking about : The Power of Negative Thinking.

May you always be blessed with love, joy and happiness!

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