Replay happy events of your past

I’m naturally very positive and optimistic person (or at least try to be most of the time:) and have read all types of material and doing all kinds of practices related to self-development. However, from time to time when I’m busy doing something rather routine, my brain goes into an auto-pilot mode, takes a negative direction and replays events in my mind that I would rather not remember.

The moment you realize this ‘negative’ movie from the past is on, it is usually too late to turn it off. It looks like the brain searches for similar unpleasant events and shows them at a speed that could really make Google jealous.

Then I got a hint from a sentence I read in the book – “Happy people focus on happy events”. This sounds like a great habit to introduce to the daily routine – Each day to remember one happy event of the past.

If we must return to the past, why not make it positive? And, by the law of attraction, the brain should get used to replaying more of those events in the future.

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