I love everything in Tiffany blue color. No wonder, I fell in love with this bomber from True Religion. It is available in all sizes XS-XL (correct at the time of publication) for 299,00 € from Jades24.com, one of my favorite online designer stores.



Laid-back elegance by Californian brand True Religion!

Slim-fitted mint coloured bomber jacket in quilted look with wonderfully soft and lightweight down filling, zipper pockets with push buttons, two-way zip, stand-up collar, logo on the sleeve, ribbed hemline and ribbed insets on the sleeves.

Casual cool with skinny jeans and sneakers…

  • 100% nylon; lining: 100% nylon; filling: 90% duck down, 10% feather
  • true to size
  • machine wash normal (30°C)
  • slim fit
  • zipper pockets
  • two-way zipper
  • push buttons
  • down jacket
  • stand-up collar

Bird’s-eye view Azerbaijan

Few days ago I stumbled upon gorgeous bird’s-eye view photos of my homeland, Azerbaijan. It’s truly amazing how familiar places can look so different when you change the angle and your perspective!

Icheri Sheher, Baku
Icheri Sheher, Baku

Images are courtesy of Gapp.az and Bakcell.

Flame Towers, Baku
Flame Towers, Baku

I go to sleep and then I wake up in a strange and beautiful dream. I open my eyes and I see that the sun has lit my room and painted all things in bright colors. There’s so much light everywhere around me! It must be a warm and sunny day. I get up and I walk to the living room. It’s is also illuminated by the light. I open the door and now I’m standing on the porch smelling the flowers and filling the lungs with fresh air.

To this day I never felt this way before! I feel life running through my veins! I see myself as strong and gentle being, passionate and calm at the same time. I’m going with the flow of the Universe, trusting the Divine. I feel lightweight. In fact, I feel so light that I can easily take off the ground and touch the sky, fill the sky and be one with it. In a flash of light, I remember my childhood dreams. I was sitting on the balcony watching birds. How they slowly flap their wings to gain height and then glide so gracefully, so effortlessly, like they are one with the sky.

Is it possible? Can my childhood dream come true? Cautiously I climb on the balcony railing and I feel wings on my back. I spread the wings and I push off the ground. Flying seems so natural! As if I was meant to! As if I always knew how to fly, just haven’t used this gift for a while! Gliding and rising above the trees and roads I watch people, cars and buildings become smaller and smaller.

I head towards the sea. Then I fly above the city. Everything seems so different from above! Then I head even further toward the mountain tops. I watch the rivers and roads framing the beautiful green land. Such a masterpiece! Creator is the greatest artist! Earth as a canvas, I imagine him mixing  colors, letting them flow one onto another, creating steady strokes, carrying over passion and love upon the painting and smiling at the beauty of his creations.

Like an eagle, I swirl effortlessly, one with the wind, I pause only to notice how all the problems, concerns, everything that seemed so large and important is nothing more than a dot in the vast Universe. I remember that infinite happiness I felt when I was a child. I remember my true self, my infinite nature and limitless capabilities. I will wake up from this dream, but I will always remember.

National Flag Square, Baku
National Flag Square, Baku
Heydar Aliyev Center, Baku
Heydar Aliyev Center, Baku
International Mugam Center, Baku
International Mugam Center, Baku
Fountain Square, Baku
Fountain Square, Baku
National Flag Square, Baku
National Flag Square, Baku
Georgian church
Georgian church
Kurkosa island, Neftchala
Kurkosa island, Neftchala
Mingachevir reservoir
Mingachevir reservoir
Kurkosa island, Neftchala
Kurkosa island, Neftchala
Mingachevir reservoir
Mingachevir reservoir
Neftchala lake
Neftchala lake

For more beautiful pictures, please visit azerbaijan.gapp.az

Горло: метафизические причины проблем и болезней горла

Горло: метафизические причины проблем и болезней горла.

Если Вас беспокоят боли в горле и Вы хотите найти истинную (метафизическую) причину заболевания, то эта статья идеально подходит для Вас, так как она собрала в себе материалы из лугших книг на данную тематику.

Я уже читала Валерия Синельникова “Возлюби болезнь свою”, также знакома с трудами Лазарева, Луизы Хей, Лууле Вилмы и, конечно же, горячо мною любимого Ричарда Баха.

Я верю в то,что болезни – это способ нашего подсознания сообщить нам, что определённое ложное убеждение мешает нам жить полной и гармоничной жизнью, о которой мы мечтаем.

Желаю Вам крепкого здоровья!

A Restful Sleep through a Meditation Exercise

A Restful Sleep through a Meditation Exercise.

If you never tried meditating before, post above contains 5 simple steps to help you relax your body and mind and prepare you for a restful sleep and I’m sure you will be happy with the results next morning!

Five Meditation Steps to Have the Most Restful Sleep

1. Find a place not to be disturbed. Easiest is to meditate even in the bedroom. The best time for meditation is just before you prepare for sleep. Before starting meditation close any source that might distract you: television, telephone, and draw the curtains.

2. Lie in bed and relax. Wear a pajamas that you feel more comfortable. Close your eyes and allow thoughts of the day to come and go. Do not stress yourself thinking that you are not sleeping just leave you in the flow of thoughts for a few minutes. It is also important that your bedroom to be neither too hot nor too cold, because an extreme temperature can cause you discomfort.

3. Start to focus on your breathing. As in other types of meditation, breathing is a crucial point that will help you get disconnected from external reality. So, try to become aware of air that enters through your nostrils until the lungs. Feel how your abdomen rises and withdraws. Let your arms and legs become heavy and release the muscle tension.

4Use your visualization. Further, use your visualization that is a very important technique in this type of meditation to calm your mind. Imagine one of the following scenes: strolling clouds in the sky, the sea, a plain full of flowers, an isolated mountaintop, all can be an image that can help you to relax.

5. Count to ten or twenty. While your mind visualize a beautiful picture, start slowly count to ten or up to 20. Count to two on each inhale / exhale. To be easier you can imagine slowly coming down some stairs. Count their steps. With each breath, your body should relax more and stress starts to disappear completely. At some point, you will lose count and you’ll be able to go into sleep. If you fail the first night, do not lose hope! Be patient, exercise consistently and you will succeed.

You can also try to use music to go faster in a state of relaxation.

Read more: http://dietandi.com/a-meditation-exercise-for-a-restful-sleep/#ixzz2rFctKCSP

Benefits of Meditation

Just found an interesting article with the results of different studies on meditation. I’m still mastering the art of meditation, yet I already had magical experiences.

Meditation helps in finding peace, balance and harmony and sometimes even heal the body, as they’re all one.

Individuals regularly practicing meditation emit gamma waves, which are the highest frequency and most important brain waves.

Buddhist monks can emit heat in a state of deep meditation while in a room with 4 degrees Celsius (40 degrees Fahrenheit) and draped in sheets that were soaked in cold water.

Buddhists feel the reality we live in is not the ultimate one. There’s another reality we can tap into that’s unaffected by our emotions, by our everyday world. Buddhists believe this state of mind can be achieved by doing good for others and by meditation.

For more interesting information on meditation -> Superhuman Energy Cultivated by Meditators: It’s Science » The Epoch Times.

Message From The Universe For You : Nurture Your Positive Thought and Enlighten Your Powerful Intuition.

Great post on the intuition! Let your soul be your guide in everything you do! 🙂

Money Management Tip #1 – Have a plan

Most of the people I know always complain about the lack of money and “how much month they have at the end of the money” 🙂 However, if you ask them how much more money they need and for what, they can’t give you a straight answer.

Throughout my life I learned that planning is everything. It is very likely that your plans might change quite often. As we grow our targets, dreams and goals alter, but the most important part is to have them written down and making baby steps each day in the right direction. A lot of people have no idea how much money they want to earn and by when and that is the main reason they do not get anywhere.

“Would you tell me, please, which way I ought to go from here?”

“That depends a good deal on where you want to get to,” said the Cat.

“I don’t much care where –” said Alice.

“Then it doesn’t matter which way you go,” said the Cat.

So, here is what I’ve done and my suggestions on how to make that plan:
1. Take a notebook and write down on one side of the page the next closest monetary target you want to meet. 
2. Leave that page for a while and on the other side of the paper list all the things you want to buy with that money. If you don’t know how much something you want costs, go and find out and edit the list as required.
3. After you listed all the items, sum it up and see if the number matches what you’ve written on the left side of the page and make the necessary corrections. A lot of times we start with the bizarre figure, but when we make research and calculate, we find out that we actually need much less than we thought.
4.  Now ask yourself the following questions: What can I do now to meet my monetary target?
If you’re working for a company, what can you do to get a pay raise? Can you take on more responsibilities or workload? What can you do for your employer, what benefits can you bring to your company so that they would be happy to reward you? 
Is there anything you can do outside of working hours? Do you have a hobby or a talent or what is it you’re passionate about? What did you always wanted to do for life, but were afraid of?
If you have a special skill beside the office job or if you’re a freelancer or business owner, how can you improve that skill / product and increase your income? Can you do small sample job for free to get your first customers and start word of mouth? What can you do so your existing customers order again from you?
List all the things you can think about below the target on the left side of the page. You might not have an idea how to meet your target straight away. Just remember your target and go on with your day and be sure that an idea will reach you. It might be that you have written a book, but were afraid to show it to anyone or publish it, maybe you could start selling the prints on Etsy or similar web sites if you’re an artist or maybe you’ll just  get a brilliant business idea that will change the world.
5. Keep this page on your desk or in your wallet, review it every day and make necessary additions / corrections.
This plan has helped me tremendously and each time I meet my goal, I take a new piece of paper, put the next target and start working toward it.
Wishing you all the success with your plan and it’s achievement!

Money Management

Money management is one subject they don’t teach us at schools, but isn’t it one of the most important competencies in life? More and more I see people of different ages that caught themselves in the cage of debt, mortgage and credit card bills not because they’re not paid well enough, but all the result of improper budget planning and spending.

From a first glance at the subject, one might think “Well, what is there really to know about money? Just use common sense. Spend less than you earn!” As easy as it may sound, it’s rather difficult to do that when day and night we’re attacked by media and advertisers everywhere and end up spending all our salaries long before the next paycheck arrives. And then there are those who do manage to save some money, but what do they do with it? Store it under a pillow? Put it in a savings account in the bank? How safe and efficient would that be? What currency should you store your money in? So many questions that need an answer.

My parents lived in an era when they were brainwashed to think of money as the root of all evil and spent their life working and hoping that the government would take care of them when they retire. Little did they know that they soon have to adapt to the new circumstances and they couldn’t teach me much about investments and money handling as they didn’t know much themselves at the time.

In the beginning of my career when I started earning my first money, I had to pay different loans and my  salary was very small and I always struggled from not being able to buy all the things I wanted. Once I started earning ‘real money’ I felt the need to compensate for the ‘tough period’ with excessive shopping. I would implement YOLO (you only live once) money strategy and make investments in expensive clothing and accessories and lots of other non profitable assets. It was all fun and games until one day I was laid-off from my job and I had 8 more months to get out of my car loan.

Then I realized that I was living an illusion of stability and continuous income from my job . Reality is that in our unstable world you just can’t depend on only one source of income. I really wished I made proper investments and savings throughout these years, then I would be in a better place financially. What’s done  is done, but I decided to take a whole different approach and educate myself on the subject.

I researched the subject and came to find out different tactics and advice about money management and decided to put together a list of the ones that I found acceptable, easy to follow and test them to see if they really work in real life. So, stay tuned for the future posts with the tips and suggestions.

Video of the day: What a wonderful world

What a nice reminder of how precious our time on Earth is! Love the images in the video and charming voice of Louis Armstrong in an all time classic masterpiece ‘What a wonderful world”.