Just 1 day left to spring! To sunshine, fresh flowers, blooming trees and love in the air!



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Cool Wallpapers HD & Retina

If you’re looking for an app with beautiful HD wallpapers + ability to create collages and add effects using your own photos, this app is just for you.

I love its easy-to-use interface and that it suits so many needs – you can use it as a photo manager to enhance your photos, you can create collages, you can customize the skins for your wallpaper.

App is free to download from the AppStore and you can upgrade to VIP for $1.99 to remove the ads.

Cool Wallpapers HD (3)Cool Wallpapers HD (5)Cool Wallpapers HD (6)

You can also start a slide show, sit back and enjoy 🙂


Cool Wallpapers HD (7)

Cool Wallpapers HD (4)Cool Wallpapers HD (1)

Photo Manager is truly awesome and has tons of options.

Cool Wallpapers HD (8)Cool Wallpapers HD (2)



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Photos +

Photos + is a great app to store private photos. If you have friends / relatives who like to go through your phone and there are certain photos that you’d rather not have them seen, it is easier to avoid unnecessary drama by moving them to Photos + app.

I use this app to store the pictures of my loved ones (sort of like wallet photos). As I constantly clear the data on the phone and move all photos to my computer, I want to have few special photos always with me.

App is really easy to use. Once you set up unlock pattern, you select the photos from Camera Roll that you want to add to Photos + and you’re done.

Photos + 1

You can change your PIN any time and there are additional settings available.

Photos + 2

Photos+ is free to download from the App Store.


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Mint blue love

Mint blue love

Сет Mint blue love пользователя natellamammadova с perfume fragrances

An Inspirational Story of Perseverance in spite of Rejections: Brian Acton was rejected by Facebook & Twitter to found WhatsApp.

What an inspiring story! We shall never give up! And always believe in the brightness of our future!



Nothing can substitute the excitement of purchasing a new book for me. I love going to a good book store, going through my favorite sections like art, design and self-enrichment, picking up a book, flipping through the pages and taking the time to select the next book to read. If I order the books online, then there is an excitement of getting the package, opening it and that fresh smell of paper and ink.




But it is time to take advantage of the technological era and enjoy the ability to read on the go. I like to use my time efficiently while traveling or waiting somewhere and having iBooks on my iPhone or iPad makes the reading experience convenient and easy-to-use.

iBooks (3)iBooks (1)You can easily navigate to contents, bookmarks and notes.

iBooksiBooks (2)Customize the background, fonts and the colors as you wish.

iBooks (4)

The store holds thousands of titles to choose from.

iBooks (5)

You can also create collections of books and organize your library.

iBooks (6)iBooks (7)




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Ощутите свою жизненную силу. Почувствуйте, как она странствует через вселенную, и поймите, что она не зависит от физической оболочки. На самом деле материальный мир образует ваша энергия, которую вы проецируете вовне. Таким образом, чтобы изменить свой мир, вы должны изменить себя.
Вы должны изменить то, что проецируете.

Джейн Роберте
«Материалы Сета»

Drawing of the day - Reading corner

Яблочно-банановые маффины из гречневой муки

Яблочно-банановые маффины из гречневой муки.

Отличный рецепт без глютена и очень быстро готовится!

Вкусно и полезно!


“We don’t receive wisdom; we must discover it for ourselves after a journey that no one can take for us or spare us.”

Marcel Proust (1871-1922)
In Search of Lost Time


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