App of the day: Foursquare

Foursquare Logo
Foursquare Logo (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I started using Foursquare few years ago when it was just introduced into the market. I enjoyed checking-in and watching what my friends are doing. It also helped few times to gather together with friends I haven’t seen in a while. We checked in about the same time in the same mall and decided to get together for a coffee since we were all in the same area. It was fun, but after some time I was busy with something else and forgot about this app.

When I checked it out few months ago, I was surprised to see how man newย  features were added on Foursquare. Now, it’s like a TripAdvisor of new restaurants and other places. You can find tips and reviews, photos, wi-fi passwords (now you don’t have to ask waiters). This help so much to find out about new places and see how the ‘old’ ones are doing, if you haven’t been there in a while.

Also, thank to Foursquare, restaurants and other places are being more conscious about the level of the service they offer as it can really impact their reputation.

Now, let’s see how it looks. This is how the main screen looks. You can see what your friends are doing, check-in, search new places, see Notifications and access Settings, switch between Local and Worldwide and see your friends on the Map.

App of the day - Foursquare - by One Happy Blog - 1

Here is how notifications look.

App of the day - Foursquare - by One Happy Blog - 3You can edit the Settings for Notifications. For example, I don’t like to get e-mails or reminders and messages on my phone, so I set all my notifications to show up only when I open the app.

App of the day - Foursquare - by One Happy Blog - 4

This is the Map, if you have a lot of friends all around the world you can find them all here.

App of the day - Foursquare - by One Happy Blog - 2

This is how the page for a specific place looks. It features pictures, tips, friends that have been there and other information.

App of the day - Foursquare - by One Happy Blog - 6

Here is the Menu where you can use Profile, To-do list (cool thing to add the places you want to check out! Me and my friends always seem to forget the names once I quickly need to decide where to go) and some other features.

App of the day - Foursquare - by One Happy Blog - 5

This is how the profile looks.

App of the day - Foursquare - by One Happy Blog - 7

Badges feature is also kinda cool. The more you explore the city and more you check-in, you can unlock different badges and if you check-in a lot at a specific place you can become it’s Mayor! Woo-hoo! ๐Ÿ™‚ Also, restaurants post a lot of offers for frequent customers (check-iners).

App of the day - Foursquare - by One Happy Blog - 8

If you want to become my friend on Foursquare, here is the link and please let me know in the Comments what do you think about the app. I’d love to know!

Have an awesome day! ๐Ÿ™‚




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