App of the day: RxmindMe

Vitamin Packaging
Vitamin Packaging (Photo credit: colindunn)

RxminMe is an app that can help you track the medicine / vitamins you’re taking and with helpful reminders.

It is easy-to-use and is very useful to keep all your medications history in one place. You can also extract the data from the app and send it to your doctor. App also allows you to take pictures of the medicine / vitamins / supplements.

You can also order refills from Walgreens.

It’s my savior as I always tend to forget to take my vitamins, especially if I need to take them at different times of the day.

iTunes link

And here is a walk-through the app.

App of the day - RxmindMe by One Happy Blog - 1

App of the day - RxmindMe by One Happy Blog - 2

App of the day - RxmindMe by One Happy Blog - 3

App of the day - RxmindMe by One Happy Blog - 4

App of the day - RxmindMe by One Happy Blog - 5

App of the day - RxmindMe by One Happy Blog - 6

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2 thoughts on “App of the day: RxmindMe

  1. Great post–and this is a good one–as is Pillboxie, which I review, but, after all this effort (and your awesome graphics) the one I actually USE is is Pill Monitor, which I highly recommend to anyone who still isn’t satisfied (although you really have to go with the paid version). It’s true it definitely isn’t as cute as Pillboxie, but it can schedule unlimited reminders, including varying dosages, it has 11 different reminder sounds (which, believe it or not, actually DOES cover me), can add photos to pills, lets you add notes to entries –and lets you email your log to your doc.

    So this blogger did such a great sell of RxRemindMe that it’s hard to imagine not starting with that. But if you find you are looking for something else, and Pillboxie’s cuteness doesn’t do it for ya, give this one a try.

    • Thank you so much for your informative and helpful comment! 🙂 It is great that we have variety of apps to choose from, so that everyone can find something to their taste. Have a lovely day!

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