Japanese traditional dinner in autumn.

This looks delicious! I’m hungry now! 🙂

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Hello. I went to the Japanese traditional restaurant (Kaiseki. 懐石) other day. Each dish has an atmosphereofautumn. It’s very nice. All dishes are very delicious also. Special thanks B-san’s.

Appetizer. Multi-tiered food box (お重 o-jyu.)of autumn.

P1070639 P1070641P1070642
Sashimi. Dobin-mushi of Matsu-take. Hohba yaki.

Chablis. Owan. Tempura of autumn.

Gohan and Miso-shiru ( soup ). Dessert.
Thank you.

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9 thoughts on “Japanese traditional dinner in autumn.

  1. My wife is Japanese and I have to say I feel spoiled by her cooking! Anyways, all the dishes look great and now that you have been spoiled you should really treat yourself to a Japanese New Years dinner! If it wasn’t so cold in Japan that time of year I’d always go back! Japanese people really pull out all the stops for New Years! Oishiiiiii!

  2. another japanese food fan here. nice, how you let us be part of this feast. just wish the pictures were bigger. i like to eat with my eyes also and it always inspires.

  3. Hello Nattela-san. Thank you for reblog for my blog. Yes. Could you please come to Japan one time. I can tell you many good food and Japanese culture. So, you will come to Japan when please ask me before fright. Thank you.

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