Artwork of the day: Autumn Landscape by Natella Mammadova

Autumn Landscape by Natella Mammadova

I’ve done this watercolor painting a while back –  in November of 2014 together with Winter Landscape.  I was trying the layering technique for the first time. You have to develop patience with watercolor in general and this technique especially. It is going to take many layers to get to the final result, but with this technique paintings are full of mystery and sensuality. They seem effortless and exquisite.

9 thoughts on “Artwork of the day: Autumn Landscape by Natella Mammadova

  1. I love your layered watercolor art. I am so happy you’ve shared it and that I found it. I would like to know how to paint like this. I’m going to try to figure it out a bit. I’m very new to watercolors. Do you have any tutorials? Any suggestions? I really really love this beautiful expression you have created! Thanks!

    • I’m so glad you like this! I’m so sorry for such a late reply – I have been away from blogging for quite some time.

      I’m sure you’ll love watercolors, it takes a bit practice to paint in this technique, but I’m sure you’ll learn it quickly. I always wanted to do tutorials, but didn’t know if there is any demand for it since there are so many videos on YouTube already, but now I know and will start working in this field. For now I will try to give you few tips here:
      1. Find good landscape pictures on the Internet or better go for a walk and take the pictures yourself. Even with your phone, you will have a good enough picture to use as a reference. Working outside is also great, but weather in autumn and winter doesn’t always permit that. When you’re taking a picture with your camera or searching the Internet, try to find landscapes with different shapes, trees and objects that are both close and far from you (you don’t want them to be all in the same spot or look like the line of trees all of the similar height and distance from you, it will ruin the purpose of painting in layers).
      2. Start with lighter colors. One tree at a time. Try to split the colors that you see in that tree into layers. For example, for a tree with orange colored leaves, you want to start with lightest shade of orange, something between very light pink and very light orange. Similar for other colors.
      3. Be patient. One thing with watercolors – if you mess up and go too dark or make a mistake, you can’t go back.
      4. Use a lot of water, especially for the first few layers, so that your watercolor feels airy. Dry layers don’t look good and show that the artist is amateur.
      5. Take breaks. After you worked on one area and the paper is probably still wet, take a break, don’t work on the same area or the area close to the one you painted straight away. The colors will flow into each other and your work can be ruined or you can distort the paper. Sometimes you can let the the colors flow into each other and mix right on paper creating really cool effects and when done on purpose it looks fantastic, but you have to be careful with that.
      6. Purchase good watercolor paper, try different brands, you will find the one you like best. And also purchase few good paint brushes. For watercolors I like to use Kolinsky Sable brushes.

      I hope this was helpful and thank you so much for your sweet words. You can’t imagine how much it means to hear the words of appreciation of his/her work for an artist! 🙂

      I will work on tutorials and update the blog accordingly!

  2. Happily stumbled on your blog noodling around on the internet about Van Gogh (your “Starry Night” article was an intelligent, well-researched piece – have you read “Van Gogh: The Life” by Steven Naifeh and Gregory White Smith? If not, I highly recommend it), and decided to check out your artwork. I’m glad I did: this landscape gives me joy. Here’s to hoping you’re still painting 🙂

    • Thank you so much! You can’t imagine how delighted I am that you think so highly of my article and my artworks 🙂 I haven’t read the book that you’ve mentioned, but surely will look into it now! Thank you for the recommendation!

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