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My name is Natella Mammadova. I’m a 27 year old blogger, artist and entrepreneur. I created this blog to share with the world my notes, my art, inspiration and interesting finds. My interests include art, drawing and painting, writing, personal growth and development, spirituality, nice music, great movies and many more. I am also expanding this blog to include travel and fashion topics. This blog is also important to me as a place to find interesting people and make new friends.

Thank you for stopping by and, if you have any inquiries / personal messages, please contact me at 1happyblog@outlook.com.

Feel free to find me on social networks through the buttons on the left hand bar of the blog.

16 thoughts on “About Me

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      • You’re welcome Natella! Me too, may I ask if your Russian or Moldavian? I have family history over there is reason I ask. 😊

      • Thank you Natella, for sharing that with me. I haven’t visuted but had cousins that did. My ancestors are well known in Romania, Moldavia, Russia, and Greece. I would love to visit someday and walk in their footsteps from the past. 😊

      • You’re welcome! πŸ™‚
        I find it amazing that you are able to trace your family history. I know about my Azerbaijani ancestors from my father’s side, but unfortunately, couldn’t find any information on my Russian side. I always wondered from which part of Russia they came from and why did they decide to move to Azerbaijan.
        I hope you get the chance to travel and see all the countries and get to know your legacy. Don’t forget to stop by Azerbaijan, we’re not that far away and I would be delighted to meet you in person and show you around! πŸ™‚

      • It has been a life long love of mine to retrace the paths of my ancestors. I have been very blessed by relatives that have started the geneology research before me. I then carried the torch from there. Yes if I ever get over to Europe I would love to meet you, and take a tour of your country. You can see my ancestors the Cantemir’s were involved with Russian history as well. If you’d like some websites to start with your research let me know. 😊

  2. The 17th & 18th century dates for the Ateshgah in Baku from your sources surprise me. In your photos, the details at the top of the entrance (lions & flower) seem Persian. Thanks for showing the interior displays. I would be interested to know of other Zortoastrian sites in Azerbaijan & actually meet some Zoroastrians (maybe in Xinaliq?).

    • Yes, in 17th century Azerbaijan was occupied by Persia. Zoroastrianism is not very common in Azerbaijan nowadays, but you can still find traces of it in places like Surakhany and Khinalyg, you’re right. Best time to visit would be during Novruz, Zoroastrian New Year (20-21st of March), which is still celebrated in almost every family in Azerbaijan.

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