I always wanted to paint my bedroom in light turquoise. It is one of my favorite colors and it reminds me of those Tiffany boxes that are so lovely to get as presents.

So, here is my interior inspiration. I also love the rug and light white curtains. I can’t wait get my own place and paint it in light turquoise now.

Image is from Pottery Barn Teen
Image is from Pottery Barn Teen
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Yesterday I stumbled upon the Serenity Prayer in the book I was reading. I heard it before, but seeing it again was like a bliss because these words reflect exactly feelings in my heart and thoughts deep inside my sub-consciousness.

I wanted to try calligraphy some time ago and this was like a sign to finally try something new and different. When I was a child I loved creating my own fonts and writing differently and beautifully.

Serenity Prayer - One Happy Blog

I also want to turn this writing into a poster, frame it and hang it above my desk. Do you guys like this and would you buy this as a poster?

I planned opening One Happy Store for some time and this seems like a great opportunity to finally do this and add this poster as a first item ๐Ÿ™‚

Have a beautiful and blessed day and Happy Novruz!

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Inspiration of the day

And I’m still dreaming of this beanbag chair… I just found out today that PB Teen website doesn’t accept international cards and I can place the order only by phone or fax. This is going to be tricky considering the 12 hours difference, but I’m staying positive. One way or another me and this fluffy love are going to be together. ๐Ÿ™‚


One of the things I love about Thanksgiving, is that right after it Christmas season starts. I adore the lights, Christmas decorations everywhere, the music and the smell of Christmas. I especially love the Christmas tree and unwrapping the presents. I’m still excited about it as I was when I was a child.

Today, I’m inspired by the picture of a fire-place and soft beanbags, cozy rug and gorgeous Christmas tree in the Holiday Fur Beanbag Lounge by PB Teen. I can imagine how awesome it would be to sit by the fire-place with family and friends, drink cocoa, unwrap the presents and enjoy the moment.


If you’re also inspired and want to get the items from this lounge, you can check them out here.


Wishing you Merry Holidays and may they be filled with love, joy and happiness!


I love discovering interesting products and love to write about them. I’m planning a renovation at our apartment and was looking at the cool furniture pieces, when I came across PB Teen website. While their target audience is teenagers and college students, their cute designs might find the way to the hearts of some grown-ups too. At the end, we’re all children at heart.

Furlicious beanbag is in my opinion the perfect addition to any interior. I love fluffy and comfy things and can easily imagine myself getting cozy in it while drinking hot cocoa, listening to nice music, drawing, reading a book or playing with an iPad.

This beanbag can be ordered online –ย Furlicious Small + Large Beanbags

And with a limited time special you can get it at 84$ for the small one (actually not that small – 36″ diameter) and at 185$ for a large one (huge one to me – 41″ diameter). Price includes slipcover and insert and doesn’t include ย the delivery. You can also buy slipcover or insert separately.