5 Positively Transformative Reasons to Write a Journal

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Japanese traditional dinner in autumn.

This looks delicious! I’m hungry now! 🙂

Y's Cafe

Hello. I went to the Japanese traditional restaurant (Kaiseki. 懐石) other day. Each dish has an atmosphereofautumn. It’s very nice. All dishes are very delicious also. Special thanks B-san’s.

Appetizer. Multi-tiered food box (お重 o-jyu.)of autumn.

P1070639 P1070641P1070642
Sashimi. Dobin-mushi of Matsu-take. Hohba yaki.

Chablis. Owan. Tempura of autumn.

Gohan and Miso-shiru ( soup ). Dessert.
Thank you.

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Birthplace (Rural Sindh)

Love love love this! 🙂

Perspectives on Life, the Universe and Everything

desert with
its mystery lanes,
stunning planes

People welcoming,
rural scene
million times
I have been

it is still refreshing
earth talks to me
telling all the tales
who succeeded and failed

what happened
to that buddy of mine
losing all hopes
still he shined

life, it travails
still around
walk in Bazaar,
smiles abound

everyone acknowledges
your being, presence
care and affection
no city ignorance

London, New York
Rio and Rome
all seen and measured
nothing like home

and I am home
it feels good
and it should!















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This is so beautiful! 🙂

Revsandy's Blog

#ANOTHER MIRACLE, #animals, uniqueness in life, vibrant flowers, #be an observer of life, #Cardinals

May 30th

Miracles are all around us. Do you see them? Look closer and they will pop out at you.

Today I behold the miracle in all of life. I look at the animals and I witness the splendid color in each. I pay attention to the uniqueness. No two are alike. This awesome miracle is evident in all of life. No two of anything is exactly alike.

That is a Powerful God that can create each individual living thing unique. The colors of the flowers are so different, so vibrant, and so absolutely colorful. Even petals growing from the same plant are different. I am an observer of life. I love the wonderment of it all. God is Awesome! God paints the landscape with remarkable colors. The varieties are lovely; roses, lilies, daisies, daffodils, orchids…

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Яблочно-банановые маффины из гречневой муки

Яблочно-банановые маффины из гречневой муки.

Отличный рецепт без глютена и очень быстро готовится!

Вкусно и полезно!


Горло: метафизические причины проблем и болезней горла

Горло: метафизические причины проблем и болезней горла.

Если Вас беспокоят боли в горле и Вы хотите найти истинную (метафизическую) причину заболевания, то эта статья идеально подходит для Вас, так как она собрала в себе материалы из лугших книг на данную тематику.

Я уже читала Валерия Синельникова “Возлюби болезнь свою”, также знакома с трудами Лазарева, Луизы Хей, Лууле Вилмы и, конечно же, горячо мною любимого Ричарда Баха.

Я верю в то,что болезни – это способ нашего подсознания сообщить нам, что определённое ложное убеждение мешает нам жить полной и гармоничной жизнью, о которой мы мечтаем.

Желаю Вам крепкого здоровья!

A Restful Sleep through a Meditation Exercise

A Restful Sleep through a Meditation Exercise.

If you never tried meditating before, post above contains 5 simple steps to help you relax your body and mind and prepare you for a restful sleep and I’m sure you will be happy with the results next morning!

Five Meditation Steps to Have the Most Restful Sleep

1. Find a place not to be disturbed. Easiest is to meditate even in the bedroom. The best time for meditation is just before you prepare for sleep. Before starting meditation close any source that might distract you: television, telephone, and draw the curtains.

2. Lie in bed and relax. Wear a pajamas that you feel more comfortable. Close your eyes and allow thoughts of the day to come and go. Do not stress yourself thinking that you are not sleeping just leave you in the flow of thoughts for a few minutes. It is also important that your bedroom to be neither too hot nor too cold, because an extreme temperature can cause you discomfort.

3. Start to focus on your breathing. As in other types of meditation, breathing is a crucial point that will help you get disconnected from external reality. So, try to become aware of air that enters through your nostrils until the lungs. Feel how your abdomen rises and withdraws. Let your arms and legs become heavy and release the muscle tension.

4Use your visualization. Further, use your visualization that is a very important technique in this type of meditation to calm your mind. Imagine one of the following scenes: strolling clouds in the sky, the sea, a plain full of flowers, an isolated mountaintop, all can be an image that can help you to relax.

5. Count to ten or twenty. While your mind visualize a beautiful picture, start slowly count to ten or up to 20. Count to two on each inhale / exhale. To be easier you can imagine slowly coming down some stairs. Count their steps. With each breath, your body should relax more and stress starts to disappear completely. At some point, you will lose count and you’ll be able to go into sleep. If you fail the first night, do not lose hope! Be patient, exercise consistently and you will succeed.

You can also try to use music to go faster in a state of relaxation.

Read more: http://dietandi.com/a-meditation-exercise-for-a-restful-sleep/#ixzz2rFctKCSP

Message From The Universe For You : Nurture Your Positive Thought and Enlighten Your Powerful Intuition.

Great post on the intuition! Let your soul be your guide in everything you do! 🙂