App of the day: Pocket for Chrome

Do you often come around interesting articles posts and cool pictures or videos that you want to read or view later?

Pocket is a simple and beautiful solution for that.


About Pocket

Pocket was founded in 2007 by Nate Weiner to help people save interesting articles, videos and more from the web for later enjoyment. Once saved to Pocket, the list of content is visible on any device — phone, tablet or computer. It can be viewed while waiting in line, on the couch, during commutes or travel — even offline.

The world’s leading save-for-later service currently has more than 12 million registered users and is integrated into more than 500 apps including Flipboard, Twitter and Zite. It is available for major devices and platforms including iPad, iPhone, Android, Mac, Kindle Fire, Kobo, Google Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Opera and Windows.

signup_graphic@1xAs you can see, you can get Pocket on your Mac, browser and lots of mobile solutions are available here.

If you don’t own a Mac, you can still get Pocket on your desktop thru Chrome Web Store.

Pocket is really easy to use. If you install the browser extension or if you have Pocket on your phone / tablet, whenever you find something you like, just click or touch the Pocket icon. That’s it – it is saved now and you have an option to add the tags for easy searching in the future.

unnamedPocketWhen you open the app, you’ll love the beautiful design and how your articles are arranged in it.

App of the day - Pocket for Chrome - 1You can also have a list view and once you roll over a post, you’ll have an option to Share, Archive, Delete, Edit tags or to save as Favorite.

App of the day - Pocket for Chrome - 2If you’d like to get a Pocket Premium, you’ll find even more amazing features, like suggested tags, personal backup and different search methods.

App of the day: Pixlr Touch Up for Chrome

I love Adobe products, but they are so difficult to use and learn. I recently tried to create a very simple logo in Adobe Illustrator and I wanted to hit my head or computer against the wall several times throughout the process. Same applies to Photoshop. When I see photographers working miracles with blending several images, adding some fantastic effects, drawing and doing other magical things with that tool, that must have come from another planet, I think they deserve a monument. I know that it probably only looks scary and after you get used to it, you can fix a pimple or a red eye in a snap. But what if you don’t have time or desire to watch tutorials and spend hours trying to figure out how that thing works? I love software that works like a magic wand – Bibidi Bobbidi Boo and your picture looks amazing! Pixlr Touch Up, in my humble opinion, does just that.

In this post, we’re going to talk about Pixlr Touch Up for Chrome, that you can easily download from Chrome Web Store, however there are several other mobile and desktop options for the app. See more.


After you download the app, you can launch it from Chrome App Launcher and you can create a desktop icon by dragging it from Chrome Apps menu.

You can choose a file from your computer or Google Drive.

App of the day - PixIr Touch Up - by One Happy Blog - 1

After the picture is opened, you have editing options at the bottom of the screen – Adjust, Effects, Overlays and Type.

App of the day - PixIr Touch Up - by One Happy Blog - 2

Here you can see all the options available under Adjust menu.

App of the day - PixIr Touch Up - by One Happy Blog - 3

Obviously, I need to rotate my photo and I’m selecting that. As you can see, you can also crop, resize, adjust contrast, color, auto fix, focal blur, touch up, clone, sharpen, blur, airbrush, smooth and liquify.

In the Rotate menu, you can also straighten the photo, which is a very useful feature to fix crooked photos.

App of the day - PixIr Touch Up - by One Happy Blog - 4

Another useful feature is Autofix. It comes in handy, if you want to fix the contrast and color balance. This photo was shot on an overcast day and colors did not come out as vivid as they were in reality, but Autofix brought them back.

App of the day - PixIr Touch Up - by One Happy Blog - 5.png

Now, I want to add even more depth and vibrance to the colors and I select the Color option from the menu.

App of the day - PixIr Touch Up - by One Happy Blog - 6

I’m pretty happy with how the picture looks now, so I’m going to save it. I can give it the same name and replace the existing one or give it a new name and I can also toggle the quality of the image.

App of the day - PixIr Touch Up - by One Happy Blog - 7

Obviously it it impossible to go over all of the effects and options in Pixlr in one tutorial, but I’m going to show you few more, so you get the idea.

Here are some of the filter in the Effects menu. For this picture I like the Aladin filter as it suits the ornament and makes it look bold.

App of the day - PixIr Touch Up - by One Happy Blog - 8

This is the Touch Up tool.

App of the day - Pixlr Touch Up - by One Happy Blog - 2

Crop Tool

App of the day - Pixlr Touch Up - by One Happy Blog - 3

Hope you enjoyed this tutorial and please let me know if you like the app or what are the other photo editors you use.



App of the day: Magisto Magical Video Editor for Chrome

I’ve wanted to start making videos for a while now. And I was looking for an easy-to-use editor to come around and voila! – I came across Magisto Magical Video Editor. In Magisto there is no time-frame, no difficult to understand and use controls, instead it’s as easy as 123! I have to mention that we’re talking only about short movies and as you can’t shuffle around your photos and videos, you don’t have much control over the end result. But, if you’re not into professional movie making and just want to play around with your photos and videos without investing too much time into it, then Magisto Editor is for you.

Here’s the video of Magisto for Android and although we’re going to talk about Chrome version today, it works the same:

Magisto uses Artificial Intelligence to select the best scenes out of your footage, to edit and produce a movie. Read more here.

Take a look at the Popular Feed.

Now, let’s have a look at the app itself.

Step 1 is adding photos and videos and it’s super easy as you drag and drop!

Magisto review by One Happy Blog - 1

Magisto review by One Happy Blog - 2

Once all the media has uploaded, Step 2 – time to choose the editing style. If you click on the play button, you can see a sample of the video and description will tell you the best use for it. For example, Adrenaline theme is best for showing your sports activities.

Magisto review by One Happy Blog - 3

Step 3 – choose the music from the sample or select the music from your computer. You can preview the music by clicking on play button.

Magisto review by One Happy Blog - 4

I told ya this would be easy as 1-2-3 and I didn’t lie! That’s it! You’re done!

Magisto review by One Happy Blog - 5

Now tell me that this ain’t magic!

Magisto review by One Happy Blog - 6

Just check your e-mail and click on the link!

Magisto review by One Happy Blog - 7

Woohoo! You can now download the movie if you upgrade to Premium or Pro. But if you’d like to stick with Basic plan for now, you can share the video with your friends thru e-mail, Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Google + or anywhere else using the embed link.

Now, take a look at my creations using Magisto.

Ready to download Magisto Magical Video Edtor for Chrome?

Happy movie making!



App of the day: Google Keep for Chrome

I’ve been writing a lot about apps for Chrome lately, all due to the fact that unless you use Mac, you miss on a lot of amazing apps and Chrome brings them to your desktop through Chrome Web Store. All you need to do is to have Google Chrome installed on your computer.

Google Keep is a note keeper, somewhat similar to Post-it notes on your desk or vision board. Unlike the lifeless post-its on your desk, Google Keep allows you to set reminders, add pictures and it synchronizes across devices. For now there’s no iOS app, but you can access all your notes through the web by entering




This is how the desktop version looks. You can easily change the color of the notes, drag and drop to re-arrange them and make lists.App of the day - Google Keep - by One Happy Blog - 1

Through the Menu you can access Reminders, Archive and Trash.

App of the day - Google Keep - by One Happy Blog - 2

To download Google Keep for Chrome, go to Chrome Web Store.

App of the day: Compass

Compass Study
Compass Study (Photo credit: Calsidyrose)

Today’s find is a Compass app. I wasn’t satisfied with the one that comes with an iPhone as it wasn’t accurate and was looking for something better.

Apart from using it while hiking in the woods, this app might be useful for those wanting to find Qibla direction or for the ones that want to change the furniture in the house according to feng shui. Whatever your reason might be, this app is super easy and precise.

App of the day - Compass by One Happy Blog - 1

App of the day - Compass by One Happy Blog - 2

App is free in the App Store – iTunes link.

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App of the day: Baku Airport

Azerbaijan Airlines ATR-72 (4K-AZ64) at the He...
Azerbaijan Airlines ATR-72 (4K-AZ64) at the Heydar Aliyev International Airport. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Baku Airport is a good app to get the information about arrivals, departures, delays and cancellations, terminal and other useful things.

It comes in very handy if you’re planning to pick someone up from  GYD airport.

You can also subscribe to notifications and then you’ll get the info right on your phone once the selected flight has landed, entered the baggage claim, etc., but I wouldn’t solely rely on this info as they tend to come a bit later than in reality. Hopefully, app developers will fix it soon.

App of the day - Baku Airport by One Happy Blog - 2

App of the day - Baku Airport by One Happy Blog - 1

App of the day - Baku Airport by One Happy Blog - 3

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App of the day: Foursquare

Foursquare Logo
Foursquare Logo (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I started using Foursquare few years ago when it was just introduced into the market. I enjoyed checking-in and watching what my friends are doing. It also helped few times to gather together with friends I haven’t seen in a while. We checked in about the same time in the same mall and decided to get together for a coffee since we were all in the same area. It was fun, but after some time I was busy with something else and forgot about this app.

When I checked it out few months ago, I was surprised to see how man new  features were added on Foursquare. Now, it’s like a TripAdvisor of new restaurants and other places. You can find tips and reviews, photos, wi-fi passwords (now you don’t have to ask waiters). This help so much to find out about new places and see how the ‘old’ ones are doing, if you haven’t been there in a while.

Also, thank to Foursquare, restaurants and other places are being more conscious about the level of the service they offer as it can really impact their reputation.

Now, let’s see how it looks. This is how the main screen looks. You can see what your friends are doing, check-in, search new places, see Notifications and access Settings, switch between Local and Worldwide and see your friends on the Map.

App of the day - Foursquare - by One Happy Blog - 1

Here is how notifications look.

App of the day - Foursquare - by One Happy Blog - 3You can edit the Settings for Notifications. For example, I don’t like to get e-mails or reminders and messages on my phone, so I set all my notifications to show up only when I open the app.

App of the day - Foursquare - by One Happy Blog - 4

This is the Map, if you have a lot of friends all around the world you can find them all here.

App of the day - Foursquare - by One Happy Blog - 2

This is how the page for a specific place looks. It features pictures, tips, friends that have been there and other information.

App of the day - Foursquare - by One Happy Blog - 6

Here is the Menu where you can use Profile, To-do list (cool thing to add the places you want to check out! Me and my friends always seem to forget the names once I quickly need to decide where to go) and some other features.

App of the day - Foursquare - by One Happy Blog - 5

This is how the profile looks.

App of the day - Foursquare - by One Happy Blog - 7

Badges feature is also kinda cool. The more you explore the city and more you check-in, you can unlock different badges and if you check-in a lot at a specific place you can become it’s Mayor! Woo-hoo! 🙂 Also, restaurants post a lot of offers for frequent customers (check-iners).

App of the day - Foursquare - by One Happy Blog - 8

If you want to become my friend on Foursquare, here is the link and please let me know in the Comments what do you think about the app. I’d love to know!

Have an awesome day! 🙂




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App of the day: MxTube

I know I’ve written a lot about apps lately. I guess I’ve played around with my phone and iPad a lot lately and been procrastinating other things that need to be done. I’m supposed to work on my painting, but I was waiting for the previous layer of oil paint to dry and was making these useful (I hope) posts about the applications I love.

I’ve been amazed by the ‘Divergent’ movie when I saw it couple of weeks ago and really wanted to post a short version of a trailer on my Instagram account (hey! are you following me there? Blog account – @1happyblog, personal – @natella111). I was looking for an app that would let me extract the video from YouTube and I came across MxTube. It is easy to use, very fast, but what really made me love this app is that it can play the videos from YouTube even if you switch to another app / lock the phone. YouTube app doesn’t let you do that and if you need to answer an important call or reply to a message, when you come back, the app restarts and you lose the video / point where you left off.

So, here’s how it looks.

App of the day - MxTube - by One Happy Blog - 1

You can toggle between Recommended and Subscriptions, just as you would on a mobile or web versions of YouTube,  if you have an account there. You can also see Popular and other categories.

App of the day - MxTube - by One Happy Blog - 2

You can also select a specific region.

App of the day - MxTube - by One Happy Blog - 3Next tab is your Account with all your Favorite videos and playlists.

App of the day - MxTube - by One Happy Blog - 4

App of the day - MxTube - by One Happy Blog - 5

You can start playing any video.

App of the day - MxTube - by One Happy Blog - 6

And switch to horizontal mode to see the video.

App of the day - MxTube - by One Happy Blog - 12

If you touch the icon, highlighted with an arrow, you will be asked in what quality you want to save your video and your video will start downloading in Cache window.

App of the day - MxTube - by One Happy Blog - 6

Search option is also available.

App of the day - MxTube - by One Happy Blog - 7

And here is the Cache window.

App of the day - MxTube - by One Happy Blog - 8

After the video has been downloaded, you can save it to Camera Roll.

App of the day - MxTube - by One Happy Blog - 9

And here is the More tab.

App of the day - MxTube - by One Happy Blog - 10

This is it! Let me know if you tried this app and what are your opinions in the Comments below.

Hope you’re having a great weekend!

Love you all,






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Application of the day: SoundCloud

SoundCloud (Photo credit: ▓▒░ TORLEY ░▒▓)

SoundCloud recently became one of my favorite iPhone apps. I’ve been registered on for a while now, but I used it mainly to upload my mixes and didn’t come around to try the app.

Now, SoundCloud serves as a great online music player, when I get tired of my music on the phone and want to explore something new.

SoundCloud has tons of music, especially electronic and you can follow your favorite artists and djs to stay up to date with their latest songs and mixes.

Also, one of the features I especially enjoy, is that the search is not limited to tracks only, you can find playlists and mixes. For example, if you want to find artists that have similar music taste with you, you can enter the track name that you enjoy in the search field, and you will not get only the track itself, but also all mixes where this track has been used. I found a lot of great djs that might be not so popular and mainstream, but still pretty awesome and the names I didn’t hear about before.

One thing I especially love about SoundCloud, that it doesn’t eat that much traffic as YouTube does and you can switch to another app or lock the screen and the music will still play in the background.

This is how the lock screen looks, it has main play / rewind/ fast-forward and volume buttons and album artwork.

SoundCloud app 8

This is my dashboard or Stream, featuring all likes and uploads from the Labels / Artists I follow.

SoundCloud app 1

This is Now Playing screen -> You can Like, Replay, Add to Playlist, Share and view Info from here. Sometimes Downloads are also available.

SoundCloud app 2

This is the same screen in horizontal position – I love how the sound wave looks.

SoundCloud app 3

This is my profile. Here’s the link, so you can follow me, if you wish.

SoundCloud app 4

This is how the Search Tab looks.

SoundCloud app 5

And this is my Activity feed with notifications.

SoundCloud app 6 SoundCloud app 7

Let me know how you like the SoundCloud app and have an awesome day!

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Cool Wallpapers HD & Retina

If you’re looking for an app with beautiful HD wallpapers + ability to create collages and add effects using your own photos, this app is just for you.

I love its easy-to-use interface and that it suits so many needs – you can use it as a photo manager to enhance your photos, you can create collages, you can customize the skins for your wallpaper.

App is free to download from the AppStore and you can upgrade to VIP for $1.99 to remove the ads.

Cool Wallpapers HD (3)Cool Wallpapers HD (5)Cool Wallpapers HD (6)

You can also start a slide show, sit back and enjoy 🙂


Cool Wallpapers HD (7)

Cool Wallpapers HD (4)Cool Wallpapers HD (1)

Photo Manager is truly awesome and has tons of options.

Cool Wallpapers HD (8)Cool Wallpapers HD (2)



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