Daily Weather is a weather forecast app that shows weather in a magazine style. You can add different cities + the app can show the weather in accordance with the current location. The app is free in the App Store. Pro version removes the ads.

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Converter+ is a really cool app for converting just about anything. Length, mass, temperature, time, whatever it is, the app will convert it. And it even has tip and mortgage calculator. There is a short list of favorites which can be expanded further to any value you may require. For a person like me, who travels all around the world, this is a must have app. Converter+ is a free app, however if you want to get rid of the ads, you can upgrade to a pro version.

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Noom Weight app

Another app that was recently suggested by one of my friends and have earned my respect is Noom Weight. Noom weight is the tracking tool or a journal of what you eat. First, when you download and install the app, it asks you to enter your age, current weight and height and your goal weight. After that you enter your meals and workouts (what’s cool here is that even activities like housework and driving count). After entering a meal or a workout, the app shows you motivational messages on what kind of foods you should reduce and what should you eat more and encourages you to have a healthy lifestyle! I’m recently became an addict of healthy eating and working out and I absolutely adore this app! Plus, I love apps that have  slick and neat design and this app surely has it!

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TuneIn Radio App

Now, this app is absolutely my favorite. I wake up and I turn it on and it’s on all day whenever and wherever wifi is available. From easy to use and neat design to the huge selection of probably all existing radio stations on Earth, this app got my heart and I actually purchased  Pro version, which I rarely do. Pro version removes annoying ads and allows you to record favorite show or a song.

5 stars! See for yourself ->

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The app also allows you to view recent radio stations list and it also gives you recommendation based on your previous selection.

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Relax Melodies: A white noise ambiance for sleep

Sometimes I have a really hard time falling asleep. That’s when ‘white noise’ apps come in handy. I downloaded Relax Melodies free version from the AppStore and have been quite satisfied with this app.

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When you open the app it gives 2 options: to generate waves for Concentration or Relaxation. Here are some sound options:

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This App also allows you to play several sounds at once and save your favorite sounds:

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You can set the alarm time and timer for the ‘white noise’.

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You can also turn on the night screen mode.

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And here are some settings options:

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Once in a while the ad appears proposing to download the full version. And here are the benefits they offer:

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How likely I am to purchase the full version – likely, but after I try all other free ‘white noise / alarm’ apps 🙂


Guess Melody

Another app I discovered recently and enjoy is Guess Melody. This game is based on a TV show from my childhood, where the players would select a category of music (pop, rock, oldies, etc.) and then have to guess the singer. The player who answers first and answers correctly wins.  I like to play this game if I have spare few minutes.

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You can get this App in AppStore for free.

XE Currency Convertor

One of the apps I adore is XE currency. I used their website before. Now, that I have their app on my phone, it makes my life so much easier. Especially, if you travel a lot, like I do.

The only annoying thing is ads at the bottom, but I think you can get rid of them if you purchase pro version.