Cool Wallpapers HD & Retina

If you’re looking for an app with beautiful HD wallpapers + ability to create collages and add effects using your own photos, this app is just for you.

I love its easy-to-use interface and that it suits so many needs – you can use it as a photo manager to enhance your photos, you can create collages, you can customize the skins for your wallpaper.

App is free to download from the AppStore and you can upgrade to VIP for $1.99 to remove the ads.

Cool Wallpapers HD (3)Cool Wallpapers HD (5)Cool Wallpapers HD (6)

You can also start a slide show, sit back and enjoy 🙂


Cool Wallpapers HD (7)

Cool Wallpapers HD (4)Cool Wallpapers HD (1)

Photo Manager is truly awesome and has tons of options.

Cool Wallpapers HD (8)Cool Wallpapers HD (2)



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Photos +

Photos + is a great app to store private photos. If you have friends / relatives who like to go through your phone and there are certain photos that you’d rather not have them seen, it is easier to avoid unnecessary drama by moving them to Photos + app.

I use this app to store the pictures of my loved ones (sort of like wallet photos). As I constantly clear the data on the phone and move all photos to my computer, I want to have few special photos always with me.

App is really easy to use. Once you set up unlock pattern, you select the photos from Camera Roll that you want to add to Photos + and you’re done.

Photos + 1

You can change your PIN any time and there are additional settings available.

Photos + 2

Photos+ is free to download from the App Store.


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Relax Melodies: A white noise ambiance for sleep

Sometimes I have a really hard time falling asleep. That’s when ‘white noise’ apps come in handy. I downloaded Relax Melodies free version from the AppStore and have been quite satisfied with this app.

photo 9

When you open the app it gives 2 options: to generate waves for Concentration or Relaxation. Here are some sound options:

photo 12photo 13photo 10

This App also allows you to play several sounds at once and save your favorite sounds:

photo 1

You can set the alarm time and timer for the ‘white noise’.

photo 8

You can also turn on the night screen mode.

photo 3

And here are some settings options:

photo 2

Once in a while the ad appears proposing to download the full version. And here are the benefits they offer:

photo 7 photo 6 photo 5 photo 4

photo 14

How likely I am to purchase the full version – likely, but after I try all other free ‘white noise / alarm’ apps 🙂


Guess Melody

Another app I discovered recently and enjoy is Guess Melody. This game is based on a TV show from my childhood, where the players would select a category of music (pop, rock, oldies, etc.) and then have to guess the singer. The player who answers first and answers correctly wins.  I like to play this game if I have spare few minutes.

photo 2photo 1

You can get this App in AppStore for free.

XE Currency Convertor

One of the apps I adore is XE currency. I used their website before. Now, that I have their app on my phone, it makes my life so much easier. Especially, if you travel a lot, like I do.

The only annoying thing is ads at the bottom, but I think you can get rid of them if you purchase pro version.