As we slowly approach spring season, black and white scheme of the winter wardrobe will also shift to more colorful and bright shades. I love pastels and spring is that perfect season to wear it. To me it is a transition period between black’n white winter and colorful summer. Everything is tender, gentle and subtle. And fashion designers from all over the world seem to share my love on pastel spring, as I constantly see pastels in all spring summer runway collections.


The Swedish label Acne impresses with clean looks!This oversize knit sweater in longer cut with wide ribbed cuffs and deep shoulder seams is the classic piece in the elegant clean look.Fashionably cool with leather skinny and ankle boots or casual with leggings and sneakers – the sweater always is a real highlight!

  • 100% cotton
  • true to size
  • hand wash
  • extra long cut
  • oversized cut
  • side Zipper
  • heavy knit


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“The rule of thirds” is one of the basic rules of composition. The main object of your photo shoot will look more interesting if it is not centered, but closer to one of the corners. iPhone camera has the built-in grid feature which will make your life easier. Prior to ios 7 you could turn on the grid right in the Camera app. Now in ios 7 the grid is hidden in the General Settings.

In Settings select Photos & Camera
In Settings select Photos & Camera

Slide the finger to turn the Grid on

Slide the finger to turn the Grid on
How to turn on the grid - 3
Now you can see the grid lines when you take a photo!

If you want to learn more about ‘the rule of thirds’, visit iMore’s How to make your iPhone photography more striking with the “rule of thirds” or look at Business Insider’s Rule of Thirds and lots of other tips on how to make iPhone photography better.

Natella’s view: “The rule of thirds’ was very useful. I went out and tried to compose my pictures using the rule and was pleased with the result most of the times. But, as they say, rules are meant to be broken, and some objects looked better when centered like the big flowerpot in one of my pictures below. “

So. here are the pictures using and breaking ‘the rule of thirds’. All of them are black and white, because it suited my mood, but I will add more color photos later. All photos have been done in Baku, Azerbaijan.

Rule of thirds - 3Rule of thirds - 2Rule of thirds - 1Rule of thirds - 6Rule of thirds - 4Rule of thirds - 5

Hope you found the info useful and if you decide to try using this rule in your photos, I would love to see them.