Olive oil

I heard before that the secret of beauty of gorgeous Italian women is Italian men (haha) and olive oil. In Italy olive oil is used almost in every meal and in most of the beauty products. Below are some beauty tips on use of olive oil taken from here – http://fashiony.ru/page.php?id_n=83615

  • Best type of olive oil is considered Extra Virgin. It should be stored in a tinted glass bottle as it doesn’t let pass the rays of sun and preserves the oil in good quality.  Personally, I prefer Borges Extra Virgin Olive Oil as per the picture below.borges_extra_virgin_olive_oil_500ml
  • Olive oil as an eye make-up remover – Moisten the cotton pad and pour couple of drops of olive oil – Voila! Cheap, effective and 100% organic liquid!
  • Add few drops of olive oil in your night cream – and after you get your beauty sleep your skin will be soft and luminous
  • Mix few drops of olive oil with your hand and foot cream – and you will get the same great results
  • Once a week prepare a scrub – Mix the sea salt with olive oil for beautiful baby-like skin
  • Spread the olive oil all over your skin after the shower and you don’t need any lotion or body butter or cream
  • Make a hair mask – just heat the olive oil a bit and apply it all over the hair. Fix the hair on the top of the head with a clip and go on doing the house work or whatever. After few hours, rinse it off with the shampoo. Best done over the weekend.