MaxFactor Xperience Foundation


I love to try out new cosmetic products every time and this time it was the turn of MaxFactor Xperience Foundation. I chose Fair Sugar Cane 55.

I like the packaging. It’s simple, easy to hold and small enough to fit into any cosmetic bag, while holding 30 ml of this foundation. The nozzle is made that way that it doesn’t spill too much foundation, just what needed. The packaging says: “Luxurious flawless coverage with a weightless feel. Suitable for sensitive skin. Won’t clog pores. Oil free.” The texture of the foundation is very creamy. At first, I thought that it might be too “heavy”. Actually, I was pleasantly surprised, with quite opposite. Foundation perfectly blended into skin, gave nice coverage over the red spots and gave a nice tone to the skin. It actually made my skin looked tan like, but more like ‘sun-kissed’, not too dark and doesn’t look different from the neck color, because it’s just terrible when the face tone is much darker than the rest of your skin. After a few minutes after applying, foundation blends into the skin fully and skin feels very silky and no-makeup like. Another advantage is that it is quite easily removed with the make-up remover. The foundation I used before by Dior took ages to remove.

I’m usually not a fan of drug-store brands. I’ve been using Dior for a long time, but I have to admit I love this foundation so far and I actually like it more than more expensive brand’s foundations I used.