App of the day: Compass

Compass Study
Compass Study (Photo credit: Calsidyrose)

Today’s find is a Compass app. I wasn’t satisfied with the one that comes with an iPhone as it wasn’t accurate and was looking for something better.

Apart from using it while hiking in the woods, this app might be useful for those wanting to find Qibla direction or for the ones that want to change the furniture in the house according to feng shui. Whatever your reason might be, this app is super easy and precise.

App of the day - Compass by One Happy Blog - 1

App of the day - Compass by One Happy Blog - 2

App is free in the App Store – iTunes link.

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App of the day: RxmindMe

Vitamin Packaging
Vitamin Packaging (Photo credit: colindunn)

RxminMe is an app that can help you track the medicine / vitamins you’re taking and with helpful reminders.

It is easy-to-use and is very useful to keep all your medications history in one place. You can also extract the data from the app and send it to your doctor. App also allows you to take pictures of the medicine / vitamins / supplements.

You can also order refills from Walgreens.

It’s my savior as I always tend to forget to take my vitamins, especially if I need to take them at different times of the day.

iTunes link

And here is a walk-through the app.

App of the day - RxmindMe by One Happy Blog - 1

App of the day - RxmindMe by One Happy Blog - 2

App of the day - RxmindMe by One Happy Blog - 3

App of the day - RxmindMe by One Happy Blog - 4

App of the day - RxmindMe by One Happy Blog - 5

App of the day - RxmindMe by One Happy Blog - 6

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English: The logo of Food Network.
English: The logo of Food Network. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Food Network Magazine is my recent discovery from Newsstand app. I love it’s colorful beautiful pictures, cool recipes and it’s design!

I’ll be using it a lot as an inspiration in my art and for preparing yummy food!

So, stay tuned, look and enjoy their beautiful May issue cover and I’ll post down the links to their website and a link to iTunes subscription.

I have to mention that iTunes edition of the magazine comes very handy if you own an iPad as it’s with you in the kitchen and you can save the pages and pictures, create albums and mail or share them through social networks, which is very useful!

Magazine Subscription

iTunes Subscription – if you subscribe now, you can get your first issue free!

Food Network Magazine Cover by One Happy BlogHave a happy day full of delicious and healthy food! 🙂



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Radio Station of the day – Lider FM

I’m always hungry for new music and love exploring new stations and new tracks and music videos. Lately, I’ve fallen in love with the local radio station – Lider FM.  In the car I prefer listening to the music from the flash drive, however if you find yourself stuck in the traffic, this station might be your perfect companion as it really helps to calm down and relax. They play jazz, jazzy house, lounge, chill-out and ambient and all these styles perfectly suit my mood and cold and dreamy days of winter.

I listen to Lider FM through the TuneIn app from my iPhone and iPad and there are also thousands of web radio websites that stream this station online. I love the pause function as it allows me to skip the news and enjoy smooth and relaxing music once again.

Lider radio logo


Drawing of the day – Chillin’ with an iPad

Drawing v. 1New drawing in my sketchbook – Me chilling’ in my Furlicious Beanbag with my new Ipad Air
Drawing v. 2

I love discovering interesting products and love to write about them. I’m planning a renovation at our apartment and was looking at the cool furniture pieces, when I came across PB Teen website. While their target audience is teenagers and college students, their cute designs might find the way to the hearts of some grown-ups too. At the end, we’re all children at heart.

Furlicious beanbag is in my opinion the perfect addition to any interior. I love fluffy and comfy things and can easily imagine myself getting cozy in it while drinking hot cocoa, listening to nice music, drawing, reading a book or playing with an iPad.

This beanbag can be ordered online – Furlicious Small + Large Beanbags

And with a limited time special you can get it at 84$ for the small one (actually not that small – 36″ diameter) and at 185$ for a large one (huge one to me – 41″ diameter). Price includes slipcover and insert and doesn’t include  the delivery. You can also buy slipcover or insert separately.