App of the day – Kinotap

Here is one app that might interest cinema lovers in Baku – Kinotap. It gathers information from all the movie theaters around Baku, thus instead of checking separate apps like Park Cinema or 28 Cinema and comparing the viewing times, you can check this information  in one app. One thing that is lacking in Kinotap is online purchase, so after you found out the time and movie theater it’s playing in,  you then still have to go to separate app, if you’d like to buy tickets online.

Here’s a quick walk-through the app:

Here is the main view of the app with information on all movies going in the theaters right now.

App of the day - Kinotap - by One Happy Blog - 1

When you select one of the movies, you will be able to view information on plot, actors and view the trailers (you will be automatically transferred to YouTube app if you have it on your phone).

App of the day - Kinotap - by One Happy Blog - 4

Below the description, you will find out the next available showtimes and you can scroll  to the right to see the next days’ timings too.

App of the day - Kinotap - by One Happy Blog - 5

You can also filter the movies as you may wish.

App of the day - Kinotap - by One Happy Blog - 2

The app also allows you to review the upcoming movies.

App of the day - Kinotap - by One Happy Blog - 3

Cinemas screen shows all the movie theaters in Baku and their addresses.

App of the day - Kinotap - by One Happy Blog - 6

And the Settings screen allows you to select from 3 languages.

App of the day - Kinotap - by One Happy Blog - 7

App of the day: Compass

Compass Study
Compass Study (Photo credit: Calsidyrose)

Today’s find is a Compass app. I wasn’t satisfied with the one that comes with an iPhone as it wasn’t accurate and was looking for something better.

Apart from using it while hiking in the woods, this app might be useful for those wanting to find Qibla direction or for the ones that want to change the furniture in the house according to feng shui. Whatever your reason might be, this app is super easy and precise.

App of the day - Compass by One Happy Blog - 1

App of the day - Compass by One Happy Blog - 2

App is free in the App Store – iTunes link.

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App of the day: RxmindMe

Vitamin Packaging
Vitamin Packaging (Photo credit: colindunn)

RxminMe is an app that can help you track the medicine / vitamins you’re taking and with helpful reminders.

It is easy-to-use and is very useful to keep all your medications history in one place. You can also extract the data from the app and send it to your doctor. App also allows you to take pictures of the medicine / vitamins / supplements.

You can also order refills from Walgreens.

It’s my savior as I always tend to forget to take my vitamins, especially if I need to take them at different times of the day.

iTunes link

And here is a walk-through the app.

App of the day - RxmindMe by One Happy Blog - 1

App of the day - RxmindMe by One Happy Blog - 2

App of the day - RxmindMe by One Happy Blog - 3

App of the day - RxmindMe by One Happy Blog - 4

App of the day - RxmindMe by One Happy Blog - 5

App of the day - RxmindMe by One Happy Blog - 6

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App of the day: Baku Airport

Azerbaijan Airlines ATR-72 (4K-AZ64) at the He...
Azerbaijan Airlines ATR-72 (4K-AZ64) at the Heydar Aliyev International Airport. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Baku Airport is a good app to get the information about arrivals, departures, delays and cancellations, terminal and other useful things.

It comes in very handy if you’re planning to pick someone up from  GYD airport.

You can also subscribe to notifications and then you’ll get the info right on your phone once the selected flight has landed, entered the baggage claim, etc., but I wouldn’t solely rely on this info as they tend to come a bit later than in reality. Hopefully, app developers will fix it soon.

App of the day - Baku Airport by One Happy Blog - 2

App of the day - Baku Airport by One Happy Blog - 1

App of the day - Baku Airport by One Happy Blog - 3

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App of the day: Ringtones

English: symbol for mobile ringtone
English: symbol for mobile ringtone (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

If you’re using an iPhone, you probably came across the problem with custom ringtones. On all my earlier phones, it was quite easy – I just selected the music from my library as a ringtone.

Unfortunately, Apple made it quite painful to do that. One way to do it is to buy the ringtone from iTunes Store. But, as much as I respect copyright and paying artists for the music and so on, paying $1.29 for 30 second ringtone (the same amount you pay for the track) is a bit too much. Especially, if you have different ringtones for different contacts + you like to change them often, as I do, cause I get annoyed with the same melody after short time.

Luckily, there is another way to fix this problem. It is not very short, but it works. There are several apps that cut the song from your library and turn it into a ringtone. I prefer Ringtones app for it’s easy interface and video with understandable instructions.

This is the main window when you open the app.

App of the day - Ringtones by One Happy Blog - 1

After you tap the button, it takes you to your music library.

App of the day - Ringtones by One Happy Blog - 2

After you selected the song you would like to turn into a ringtone, you have 2 options -> you can create Ringtone or Text message tone.

App of the day - Ringtones by One Happy Blog - 3

Then you slide your finger over a sound-wave to capture the best part of the song. Touch Play to make sure you’re happy with the result and then touch the Save button.

App of the day - Ringtones by One Happy Blog - 4

On  the next screen you see your ringtone being saved.

App of the day - Ringtones by One Happy Blog - 5

That’s it!

App of the day - Ringtones by One Happy Blog - 6

Now you have to do annoying part on the computer, but it’s not difficult. See the video below.

Hope the info was useful for you and have a great day!



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Application of the day: SoundCloud

SoundCloud (Photo credit: ▓▒░ TORLEY ░▒▓)

SoundCloud recently became one of my favorite iPhone apps. I’ve been registered on for a while now, but I used it mainly to upload my mixes and didn’t come around to try the app.

Now, SoundCloud serves as a great online music player, when I get tired of my music on the phone and want to explore something new.

SoundCloud has tons of music, especially electronic and you can follow your favorite artists and djs to stay up to date with their latest songs and mixes.

Also, one of the features I especially enjoy, is that the search is not limited to tracks only, you can find playlists and mixes. For example, if you want to find artists that have similar music taste with you, you can enter the track name that you enjoy in the search field, and you will not get only the track itself, but also all mixes where this track has been used. I found a lot of great djs that might be not so popular and mainstream, but still pretty awesome and the names I didn’t hear about before.

One thing I especially love about SoundCloud, that it doesn’t eat that much traffic as YouTube does and you can switch to another app or lock the screen and the music will still play in the background.

This is how the lock screen looks, it has main play / rewind/ fast-forward and volume buttons and album artwork.

SoundCloud app 8

This is my dashboard or Stream, featuring all likes and uploads from the Labels / Artists I follow.

SoundCloud app 1

This is Now Playing screen -> You can Like, Replay, Add to Playlist, Share and view Info from here. Sometimes Downloads are also available.

SoundCloud app 2

This is the same screen in horizontal position – I love how the sound wave looks.

SoundCloud app 3

This is my profile. Here’s the link, so you can follow me, if you wish.

SoundCloud app 4

This is how the Search Tab looks.

SoundCloud app 5

And this is my Activity feed with notifications.

SoundCloud app 6 SoundCloud app 7

Let me know how you like the SoundCloud app and have an awesome day!

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Cool Wallpapers HD & Retina

If you’re looking for an app with beautiful HD wallpapers + ability to create collages and add effects using your own photos, this app is just for you.

I love its easy-to-use interface and that it suits so many needs – you can use it as a photo manager to enhance your photos, you can create collages, you can customize the skins for your wallpaper.

App is free to download from the AppStore and you can upgrade to VIP for $1.99 to remove the ads.

Cool Wallpapers HD (3)Cool Wallpapers HD (5)Cool Wallpapers HD (6)

You can also start a slide show, sit back and enjoy 🙂


Cool Wallpapers HD (7)

Cool Wallpapers HD (4)Cool Wallpapers HD (1)

Photo Manager is truly awesome and has tons of options.

Cool Wallpapers HD (8)Cool Wallpapers HD (2)



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Photos +

Photos + is a great app to store private photos. If you have friends / relatives who like to go through your phone and there are certain photos that you’d rather not have them seen, it is easier to avoid unnecessary drama by moving them to Photos + app.

I use this app to store the pictures of my loved ones (sort of like wallet photos). As I constantly clear the data on the phone and move all photos to my computer, I want to have few special photos always with me.

App is really easy to use. Once you set up unlock pattern, you select the photos from Camera Roll that you want to add to Photos + and you’re done.

Photos + 1

You can change your PIN any time and there are additional settings available.

Photos + 2

Photos+ is free to download from the App Store.


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Nothing can substitute the excitement of purchasing a new book for me. I love going to a good book store, going through my favorite sections like art, design and self-enrichment, picking up a book, flipping through the pages and taking the time to select the next book to read. If I order the books online, then there is an excitement of getting the package, opening it and that fresh smell of paper and ink.




But it is time to take advantage of the technological era and enjoy the ability to read on the go. I like to use my time efficiently while traveling or waiting somewhere and having iBooks on my iPhone or iPad makes the reading experience convenient and easy-to-use.

iBooks (3)iBooks (1)You can easily navigate to contents, bookmarks and notes.

iBooksiBooks (2)Customize the background, fonts and the colors as you wish.

iBooks (4)

The store holds thousands of titles to choose from.

iBooks (5)

You can also create collections of books and organize your library.

iBooks (6)iBooks (7)




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Radio Station of the day – Lider FM

I’m always hungry for new music and love exploring new stations and new tracks and music videos. Lately, I’ve fallen in love with the local radio station – Lider FM.  In the car I prefer listening to the music from the flash drive, however if you find yourself stuck in the traffic, this station might be your perfect companion as it really helps to calm down and relax. They play jazz, jazzy house, lounge, chill-out and ambient and all these styles perfectly suit my mood and cold and dreamy days of winter.

I listen to Lider FM through the TuneIn app from my iPhone and iPad and there are also thousands of web radio websites that stream this station online. I love the pause function as it allows me to skip the news and enjoy smooth and relaxing music once again.

Lider radio logo