iPhoneography 101

About two years ago an iPhone (my first Apple product) entered my life and ever since I’ve been thankful to Steve Jobs and the Apple company for changing my life in so many ways. This may sound exaggerated, but it truly made my life so much easier and simpler and every interaction with this piece of technology is a wonderful experience.  One of the features I use and admire the most is the iPhone camera. It takes such great pictures that it eliminated for me the need to carry around the usual camera. Mine wasn’t professional and very heavy, but it still took a lot of space in my bag. Now iPhone does it all for me. The indoor pictures aren’t that great, but the ones done outdoors and with a good light are truly colorful and amazing.

I love taking pictures and as an artist I must take great pictures. You don’t always get an opportunity to paint outdoors, so by capturing a great moment on a camera, I can later use it as a reference for my drawings and paintings. Additionally, the chance of using the same reference picture with another artist is close to zero.

I like my photography skills, but there’s always a room for improvement. I made my research on the subject and found some great tips and advice. I’ve looked specifically at iPhone photography tips, but most of these advice can apply to taking pictures with any kind of camera. In this post, I will make a list and continue to add separate posts on each advice together with my own pictures using that advice. Let’s start!

1. Use “rule of thirds” for your images – Set your camera settings to show the grid or imagine your screen split into 3×3 squares and try to place the object of your shot closer to the intersection of these lines rather than in the center of the picture. Not always, but most of the times this makes the picture compositionally more interesting. The same rule also applies in drawing and painting, by the way.

If you never used you iPhone camera, this post will help you to get started. It was written before ios 7 been introduced, but you still can get the idea. http://www.imore.com/iphone-photography-starters-guide

Hope you have a great time taking pictures and would love if you share your tips and views on the subject!