App of the day: Deezer

Deezer Logo
Deezer Logo (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I’m getting more and more lucky each day – because there’s another music app that I’ve enjoyed lately – Deezer.

Deezer is a good alternative to Spotify, if you also live in one of the countries where Spotify is not available. It has a good choice of artists and albums, maybe their library is not as huge as Spotify’s, but there’s still a lot of music to listen to.

It is easy-to-use and you can use it in offline mode (lovely isn’t it?). You can like songs, artists, create playlists – most of the basic features that are available in any music player. And there’s also Flow -> it plays music similar to what you liked. And there are also different radio channels based on genre.

You can try the app first few months for free and then sign up for a paid subscription if you like.

This is the main screen and the Flow feature I mentioned. You can also start the Search from here.

Deezer app by One Happy Blog - 1

This is how the menu looks.

Deezer app by One Happy Blog - 3

This is Explore window. You can browse by genre and regions.

Deezer app by One Happy Blog - 2

This is the Charts menu. You can browse by Tracks, Albums, Artists and Playlists.

Deezer app by One Happy Blog - 7

Here is Radio Channel menu.

Deezer app by One Happy Blog - 4

This is the Setting window. You can toggle between Online and Offline mode from here.

Deezer app by One Happy Blog - 5

The App plays music in the background even if the app itself is not active (huge advantage!) and this is how the lock screen looks.

Deezer app by One Happy Blog - 6

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Application of the day: SoundCloud

SoundCloud (Photo credit: ▓▒░ TORLEY ░▒▓)

SoundCloud recently became one of my favorite iPhone apps. I’ve been registered on for a while now, but I used it mainly to upload my mixes and didn’t come around to try the app.

Now, SoundCloud serves as a great online music player, when I get tired of my music on the phone and want to explore something new.

SoundCloud has tons of music, especially electronic and you can follow your favorite artists and djs to stay up to date with their latest songs and mixes.

Also, one of the features I especially enjoy, is that the search is not limited to tracks only, you can find playlists and mixes. For example, if you want to find artists that have similar music taste with you, you can enter the track name that you enjoy in the search field, and you will not get only the track itself, but also all mixes where this track has been used. I found a lot of great djs that might be not so popular and mainstream, but still pretty awesome and the names I didn’t hear about before.

One thing I especially love about SoundCloud, that it doesn’t eat that much traffic as YouTube does and you can switch to another app or lock the screen and the music will still play in the background.

This is how the lock screen looks, it has main play / rewind/ fast-forward and volume buttons and album artwork.

SoundCloud app 8

This is my dashboard or Stream, featuring all likes and uploads from the Labels / Artists I follow.

SoundCloud app 1

This is Now Playing screen -> You can Like, Replay, Add to Playlist, Share and view Info from here. Sometimes Downloads are also available.

SoundCloud app 2

This is the same screen in horizontal position – I love how the sound wave looks.

SoundCloud app 3

This is my profile. Here’s the link, so you can follow me, if you wish.

SoundCloud app 4

This is how the Search Tab looks.

SoundCloud app 5

And this is my Activity feed with notifications.

SoundCloud app 6 SoundCloud app 7

Let me know how you like the SoundCloud app and have an awesome day!

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