App of the day: Magisto Magical Video Editor for Chrome

I’ve wanted to start making videos for a while now. And I was looking for an easy-to-use editor to come around and voila! – I came across Magisto Magical Video Editor. In Magisto there is no time-frame, no difficult to understand and use controls, instead it’s as easy as 123! I have to mention that we’re talking only about short movies and as you can’t shuffle around your photos and videos, you don’t have much control over the end result. But, if you’re not into professional movie making and just want to play around with your photos and videos without investing too much time into it, then Magisto Editor is for you.

Here’s the video of Magisto for Android and although we’re going to talk about Chrome version today, it works the same:

Magisto uses Artificial Intelligence to select the best scenes out of your footage, to edit and produce a movie. Read more here.

Take a look at the Popular Feed.

Now, let’s have a look at the app itself.

Step 1 is adding photos and videos and it’s super easy as you drag and drop!

Magisto review by One Happy Blog - 1

Magisto review by One Happy Blog - 2

Once all the media has uploaded, Step 2 – time to choose the editing style. If you click on the play button, you can see a sample of the video and description will tell you the best use for it. For example, Adrenaline theme is best for showing your sports activities.

Magisto review by One Happy Blog - 3

Step 3 – choose the music from the sample or select the music from your computer. You can preview the music by clicking on play button.

Magisto review by One Happy Blog - 4

I told ya this would be easy as 1-2-3 and I didn’t lie! That’s it! You’re done!

Magisto review by One Happy Blog - 5

Now tell me that this ain’t magic!

Magisto review by One Happy Blog - 6

Just check your e-mail and click on the link!

Magisto review by One Happy Blog - 7

Woohoo! You can now download the movie if you upgrade to Premium or Pro. But if you’d like to stick with Basic plan for now, you can share the video with your friends thru e-mail, Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Google + or anywhere else using the embed link.

Now, take a look at my creations using Magisto.

Ready to download Magisto Magical Video Edtor for Chrome?

Happy movie making!



Playing piano: Gloria Gaynor – I will survive

This blog represents all of my interests, but one thing I didn’t have a chance to tell you about  is that I play piano. I finished the music school, but last years of the school were so frustrating and exhausting that for several years I didn’t come anywhere close to the piano. Piano then moved from my room to the living room and stood there for years waiting for me to re-discover it.

My love for playing piano visited me again while I was studying in US. I discovered there a store with sheet music of so many of my favorite songs and I realized that I’m not forced to play etudes and gamut anymore which were mandatory in music school and I’m absolutely free to play what I want and how I want.

With the internet and so many opportunities to find sheet music and piano tutorials, my love for playing piano grew even stronger. My recent discovery is Chromatik app, which deserves a separate post. App owners add new sheet music every day and it’s available to learn and play for 7 days. Gloria Gaynor’s ‘I will survive’ was one of the recent additions in the app. I love the song and the attitude of being strong and standing up for yourself. I can’t add the sheet music from the app because of copyright. However, while looking through different videos of piano arrangements, I found a video with most beautiful arrangement by Pippo72 that absolutely stole my heart. And the author generously shared the sheet music of his arrangement. I contacted the author and he kindly agreed to let me share the sheet music and video with you.

I Will Survive
I Will Survive (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I will survive (Gloria Gaynor)

Here is the link to his channel on YouTube: music722004

And here is the link to all the sheet music by Pippo72

I’m still learning to play this piece, but once done I hope to add the video of me playing and maybe I will start adding my own videos on YouTube and become vlogger too! 🙂

App of the day: MxTube

I know I’ve written a lot about apps lately. I guess I’ve played around with my phone and iPad a lot lately and been procrastinating other things that need to be done. I’m supposed to work on my painting, but I was waiting for the previous layer of oil paint to dry and was making these useful (I hope) posts about the applications I love.

I’ve been amazed by the ‘Divergent’ movie when I saw it couple of weeks ago and really wanted to post a short version of a trailer on my Instagram account (hey! are you following me there? Blog account – @1happyblog, personal – @natella111). I was looking for an app that would let me extract the video from YouTube and I came across MxTube. It is easy to use, very fast, but what really made me love this app is that it can play the videos from YouTube even if you switch to another app / lock the phone. YouTube app doesn’t let you do that and if you need to answer an important call or reply to a message, when you come back, the app restarts and you lose the video / point where you left off.

So, here’s how it looks.

App of the day - MxTube - by One Happy Blog - 1

You can toggle between Recommended and Subscriptions, just as you would on a mobile or web versions of YouTube,  if you have an account there. You can also see Popular and other categories.

App of the day - MxTube - by One Happy Blog - 2

You can also select a specific region.

App of the day - MxTube - by One Happy Blog - 3Next tab is your Account with all your Favorite videos and playlists.

App of the day - MxTube - by One Happy Blog - 4

App of the day - MxTube - by One Happy Blog - 5

You can start playing any video.

App of the day - MxTube - by One Happy Blog - 6

And switch to horizontal mode to see the video.

App of the day - MxTube - by One Happy Blog - 12

If you touch the icon, highlighted with an arrow, you will be asked in what quality you want to save your video and your video will start downloading in Cache window.

App of the day - MxTube - by One Happy Blog - 6

Search option is also available.

App of the day - MxTube - by One Happy Blog - 7

And here is the Cache window.

App of the day - MxTube - by One Happy Blog - 8

After the video has been downloaded, you can save it to Camera Roll.

App of the day - MxTube - by One Happy Blog - 9

And here is the More tab.

App of the day - MxTube - by One Happy Blog - 10

This is it! Let me know if you tried this app and what are your opinions in the Comments below.

Hope you’re having a great weekend!

Love you all,






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Application of the day: SoundCloud

SoundCloud (Photo credit: ▓▒░ TORLEY ░▒▓)

SoundCloud recently became one of my favorite iPhone apps. I’ve been registered on for a while now, but I used it mainly to upload my mixes and didn’t come around to try the app.

Now, SoundCloud serves as a great online music player, when I get tired of my music on the phone and want to explore something new.

SoundCloud has tons of music, especially electronic and you can follow your favorite artists and djs to stay up to date with their latest songs and mixes.

Also, one of the features I especially enjoy, is that the search is not limited to tracks only, you can find playlists and mixes. For example, if you want to find artists that have similar music taste with you, you can enter the track name that you enjoy in the search field, and you will not get only the track itself, but also all mixes where this track has been used. I found a lot of great djs that might be not so popular and mainstream, but still pretty awesome and the names I didn’t hear about before.

One thing I especially love about SoundCloud, that it doesn’t eat that much traffic as YouTube does and you can switch to another app or lock the screen and the music will still play in the background.

This is how the lock screen looks, it has main play / rewind/ fast-forward and volume buttons and album artwork.

SoundCloud app 8

This is my dashboard or Stream, featuring all likes and uploads from the Labels / Artists I follow.

SoundCloud app 1

This is Now Playing screen -> You can Like, Replay, Add to Playlist, Share and view Info from here. Sometimes Downloads are also available.

SoundCloud app 2

This is the same screen in horizontal position – I love how the sound wave looks.

SoundCloud app 3

This is my profile. Here’s the link, so you can follow me, if you wish.

SoundCloud app 4

This is how the Search Tab looks.

SoundCloud app 5

And this is my Activity feed with notifications.

SoundCloud app 6 SoundCloud app 7

Let me know how you like the SoundCloud app and have an awesome day!

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Урок дня: “Пруд в лесу” Игорь Сахаров

Игорь Сахаров один из лучших учителей живописи в пространстве YouTube. У него есть чему поучиться! =)

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Video of the day: Steve Angello Live at Creamfields 2013

Luvin this…

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Video of the day: 3 hours Meditation Music

I meditated to this music for the last few days and enjoyed my experience. This is great music, not only for meditation, but also for yoga, studying, working, doing things around the house and any other time you want to feel relaxed and concentrated at the same time. It is also great for sleep!

I really want to try meditating to this for the whole length of this mix – 3 hours! I’m sure the results will exceed all expectations 🙂

Sending love and light,
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Видео дня: Жизнь. Инструкция по применению

“Жизнь. Инструкция по применению” – это очень интересный фильм, созданный Владимиром Герасичевым, лайф и бизнес тренером. Приятно видеть, что интерес к такого рода информации  начинает проявляться и на пространстве СНГ.

Мне очень понравился формат, в котором снят этот фильм и короткие интервью с такими персонами, как Аркадий Новиков (владелец более 50 крупных ресторанов в Москве), Наталья Синдеева (генеральный директор телеканала “Дождь”), Ник Вуйчич (основатель и президент фонда Life without limbs), Евгений Плющенко, Слава Полунин и др.

А вот краткое резюме основных тем фильма:

  • Не только мечтай, ставь конретные цели.
  • Всегда есть повод отступить, но нужно продолжать делать.
  • Результат – вот то, что важно.
  • Целеустремлённость.
  • Уметь принять ситуацию такой, какая она есть.
  • Противодействие возникает тогда, когда получаемое не совпадает с ожиданиями.
  • Уметь воспринимать ситуацию без раздражения, позволить быть тому, что есть.
  • Когда мы научимся это делать, энергия, которая тратилась на сопротивление, высвободится для новых ощущений и поступков и негативные эмоции исчезнут.
  • Не переставайте жить, насладитесь возможностью узнать что-то новое и сделать свою жизнь богаче и приятнее.
  • Пробуй новое, делай пока что-то не подскажет тебе, что это “твоё”.
  • Не останавливайся, просто продолжай, действуй!
  • Неудача – это знание.
  • Дай обещание кому-то (с собой легче договориться) и сдержи своё слово, например не курить неделю, заняться спортом.
  • Счастье – это состояние души.
  • Мы ничего никому не должны.
  • Важно только то, что мы делаем.
  • Если у тебя есть цель, сделай всё чтобы она стала реальностью.
  • Неудача – это не факт, а лишь твоё отношение к происходящему.
  • Нет необходимости быть совершенным.
  • Смелость – это не отстутствие страха. Это когда ты действуешь, принимая страх.
  • Важно верить в себя, доверять себе, своим способностям.
  • Сколько любви ты отдашь – столько и получишь.
  • Любой может быть счастливым.
  • Не сопротивляйся тому, что не совпадает с твоими ожиданиями. Прими это, позволь этому быть.
  • Желание -> действие
  • Нарисуй свою шкалу приоритетов и сформулируй свою цель.
  • Начни сейчас, не откладывай!
  • Все твои мечты могут стать реальностью.
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Video of the day: Mimi’s of LuxyHair Braided Chignon Hair Style

I’ve followed Mimi on Instagram and YouTube for a while now and I’m absolutely in love with her hair tutorials, her beautiful hair and smile and sweet personality. Oh, and the fact that she’s from Azerbaijan makes me really proud! 🙂

This hair tutorial is inspired by Dolce & Gabbana SS 2014 runway show and I love everything Dolce & Gabbana! This hairstyle looks very feminine and chic and I can’t wait to recreate it!

Now, here’s the video:


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Video of the day: What a wonderful world

What a nice reminder of how precious our time on Earth is! Love the images in the video and charming voice of Louis Armstrong in an all time classic masterpiece ‘What a wonderful world”.