One Happy List

A lot of times when you find yourself being sad, filled with anger or other negative emotions, you want to escape and return to the positive state of mind, but don’t know how. Everything around seems to bother and annoy you even more. In times like this, I find it useful to turn to my Happy List for the things and activities that prove themselves to work. Everyone’s list is different, but you may find my Happy List useful to build your own. So, here we go:
1. Breathing – Sometimes going outside for a couple of minutes or just inhaling and exhaling deeply and slowly  help to relax and take a different perspective at the situation.
2. Taking a shower – I’m a water sign, so everything that has to do with water, whether drinking it, swimming in it, or just taking a bath or shower helps me to get my balance and harmony back. I also have this little tradition of visualizing all my problems and worries dissolve in the drain and new fresh and clean magic energy pouring over me.
3. Dancing – Now, put on some nice music and twerk 😀 (I thought I’d never use that word, but it seems proper for the context) My current list of cheerful songs:
Number 1 – Pharell – Happy
Number 2 – Pitbull feat. Ke$ha – Timber
Number 3 – Robin Thicke feat. Pharell and T.I. – Blurred lines

4. Looking at beautiful inspiring pictures – Whether it is a folder on your computer, favorite Instagram accounts or pins on Pinterest take some time to look, dream and enjoy. I like to look at the pet pictures (they’re guaranteed to make you smile) or beautiful locations and dream about travels and adventures.

Please tell me what is on your Happy List, I’d love to know.

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