Self portrait evening dress
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13 Ways to Wear a Yellow Dress

Autumn Landscape by Natella Mammadova

I’ve done this watercolor painting a while back –  in November of 2014 together with Winter Landscape.  I was trying the layering technique for the first time. You have to develop patience with watercolor in general and this technique especially. It is going to take many layers to get to the final result, but with this technique paintings are full of mystery and sensuality. They seem effortless and exquisite.

Black & White Stripes

Black & White Stripes

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Eugenia Kim summer hat

Happy Birthday Heidi♥♥♥♥♥

Happy Birthday Heidi♥♥♥♥♥

Kenzo t shirt
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Birthday Confetti Cake



Rainy Baku

39911573-AF53-485F-BD70-EF3E88B8E612I started walking / running exercise routine in October when the weather just started getting colder. On some days the weather was still so nice that I walked in a T-shirt. Then gradually the temperature decreased. Baku is a windy city and our winds can make it unbearable to be outside. Even when the temperature doesn’t drop below zero, it feels like -10. I needed to adjust to these conditions somehow, so I started walking in the Old City. Inner part of Baku is protected by thick walls that date back to 12th century and they hid me from the wind. I loved walking there and exploring it’s labyrinths and I loved that no walk was as the one before. Each time I was changed a route and I always came across something interesting and beautiful, like suddenly noticing a beautiful ornament on the wall or a door made to look like a giant backgammon set, or meeting an old lady that was so loving and kind that she invited me, a stranger, to her house for a tea.

When the winter kicked in, I thought to myself, so how am I going to do this now? I have to admit that getting out of the house wasn’t easy on some of the days. But I was pleasantly surprised to discover the willpower and determination in me that I haven’t noticed before. When I set a goal and I have a plan, I will go out and do it no matter what. And I’m proud of myself for doing this. Another thing that I came to discover is that it’s only the first few minutes when you leave the comfort and warmth of the house or a car that are difficult. After 10-15 minutes body seems to adjust to the temperature outside and it’s not so cold anymore. And the more I build running / walking into a habit, the easier it became.

Isn’t the same process valid for everything else in life? When we have to do something new, something we haven’t done before, it seems scary. In our day-to-day life we often try to run away from problems and challenges. But what if we saw them not as threats, but as opportunities to become wiser and stronger? I saw somewhere that fear was described as False Evidence Appearing Real. So, what if all the things we fear in life, are nothing but illusions that our brain created to keep us ‘safe’ in the comfort zone? But is my purpose here on Earth to be safe? I’m not saying that constantly putting your life at risk is what we all should do, however I want to live and experience this life to the fullest and I don’t want to be captivated by my own fears and limits I put on myself. What about you? Are fears holding you down from doing something you really want in life? Would you like to join me on my endeavor to become fearless, bold, unapologetic me?

Do the Shoe Switch♥♥♥

Do the Shoe Switch♥♥♥

Balmain long sleeve blazer
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72nd Annual Globe Awards : Sienna Miller

72nd Annual Globe Awards : Sienna Miller

Miu Miu coat
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