Music Flashback: John Barry – James Bond Theme

Bond.......James Bond.......on the job!
Bond…….James Bond…….on the job! (Photo credit: ClaraDon)

Love this classic theme from the greatest spy movie of all times!

The “James Bond Theme” is the main theme of all the James Bond films and has featured in every one since ‘Dr. No’ in 1962.

Monty Norman has been credited with writing the “James Bond Theme”, and has received royalties since 1962. Norman collected around £485,000 in royalties between the years 1976 and 1999[1] For Dr. No, the tune was arranged[2] by John Barry, who would later go on to compose the soundtracks for eleven James Bond films.

From Wikipedia

Above video is 1966 version by John Barry.

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3 thoughts on “Music Flashback: John Barry – James Bond Theme

  1. Interesting facts:

    1. It’s Vic Flick, not Flic, and he was the guitarist on the session, not the bassist.

    2. The youtube recording you’ve linked to is a 1966 version by John Barry, not the original 1962 recording, and on which Vic may or may not have played.

    3. There were no “court battles” between Monty Norman & John Barry. The closest to this was when JB appeared as a witness when Norman was suing The Sunday Times.

    • Hi Geoff!

      Thank you so much for pointing this out. I should have rechecked the information before re-posting it. I will change the post accordingly.

      Thanks again,

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