Drawing of the day: Lady in the hat

Lady in the hat by Natella Mammadova

What I love about drawing with pastels is the softness of the material and easiness of mixing and shading. What I dislike about pastel drawings is that you have to be very careful with them and store it securely behind the glass because unlike oil paintings pastel drawing are very prone to damage.

Now here is the story of what happened to my drawing of a lovely lady in the hat. Some time ago I spilled some water on it by accident and I almost cried when I saw how much effort has been wasted.

But then I gathered myself together and decided to correct and cover all the spots that were left by the spilled water.

Moral #1: Always frame and store properly all the drawings and paintings right after I finish them.

Moral #2: Everything happens for a reason. While covering and reworking on damaged spots, I noticed few other things that could be corrected / done better, so there’s always a room for improvement! And if I see every situation as a challenge, not a problem, I can always find a blessing and get an awesome outcome!

Now, I like the corrected version of the drawing even better than the original. And what do you think? I’m posting before and after pictures for comparison. Please let me know your opinion in the comments below!

Have a happy day!



Lady in the hat by Natella Mammadova

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Product Review: Eye make-up remover by Сто рецептов красоты

Product Review - Eye make-up remover by Sto Receptov Krasoti

I have tried so many eye make-up removers that it’s difficult to count them all. Maybe I expect too much from the make-up remover, but basically:

a) I want something that is not greasy or irritate my eyes

b) I want all my eye lashes to stay at their place and not fall out

I don’t think that my expectations are unrealistic, yet I wasn’t lucky to encounter a product that would pass both conditions even though I have tried so many brands from drug stores to high-end.

However, eye make-up remover from Сто рецептов красоты seems to do ok. It certainly passed the first condition, it doesn’t contain oil, is very gentle and if, by accident, few drops end up in my eyes, it doesn’t have itchy effect. Feels like water. It’s active ingredients include green tea, aloe and cucumber extracts. I certainly have less fallen eye lashes compared to a lot of other products I used, but still result is not perfect. This is going to do for now, but I’m going to continue my quest for the perfect eye make-up remover.

I have to say Russian cosmetic brands surprised me with the quality of their products, some of them are so much better than their pricey western alternatives.

Product Review - Eye make-up remover by Sto Receptov Krasoti - 3 Product Review - Eye make-up remover by Sto Receptov Krasoti Product Review - Eye make-up remover by Sto Receptov Krasoti - 2

*Tip: It’s always useful to read the instructions on the bottle. You might think why would I need instructions to remove make-up, it’s so simple, you just wipe it off with the cotton pad. However, instructions suggest to hold the wet pad on the eye lid for 20 seconds and then to wipe it off. I noticed that it’s easier to remove the thick layers of mascara that way.

If you have any suggestions, please leave them in the comments below.

Have a great day!

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Я ощущаю свою жизненную силу. Я чувствую, как она странствует через Вселенную, и понимаю, что она не зависит от физической оболочки. На самом деле материальный мир образует моя энергия, которую я проецирую вовне. Таким образом, чтобы изменить свой мир, я должна изменить себя. Я должна изменить то, что проецирую.

На основе “Материалов Сета” Джейн Роберте

Inspiration of the day: Light turquoise room

I always wanted to paint my bedroom in light turquoise. It is one of my favorite colors and it reminds me of those Tiffany boxes that are so lovely to get as presents.

So, here is my interior inspiration. I also love the rug and light white curtains. I can’t wait get my own place and paint it in light turquoise now.

Image is from Pottery Barn Teen

Image is from Pottery Barn Teen

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Inspiration of the day: Taylor Swift on cover of Elle March 2013

Love Taylor Swift in this really cute Louis Vuitton dress.

Every fall I want to cut my bangs similar to hers. I have really long hair and want to try a different look without losing the length. I hope to finally try this haircut after summer.

I’m working now on an illustration inspired by this cover. Hope to post it on the blog next week! Stay tuned and have a great weekend!

Elle March 2013 cover Taylor Swift - 1happyblog

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Track of the day: Kaiski – Love Will Save The Day (Whitney Houston Tribute)

Whitney Houston

Cover of Whitney Houston

Am I lucky or what, second day in a row I find a remix to Whitney Houston’s songs. Whitney Houston + Deep House = So much love! :)

I just couldn’t be happier! :)



“Love Will Save The Day”

Sometimes life can make you crazy 
It can really put your body to the test 
You try so hard to make sure everything goes right 
And you find you’ve only wound up with a mess 
It’s a common situation 
Even though you feel abandoned and alone 
Child, you ain’t the first to experience the hurt 
So don’t panic when you hit the danger zone 


What you need’s a little change of heart 
Forget this fear and frustration 
Love will always play the greater part 
When your battles wear you down 
Here’s my advice - 
When you’re feeling down and out 
And you’ve got troubles on you mind 
Love will save the day 
When you’re feeling full of doubt 
And fear has got you in a bind 
Love will save the day 
When your worlds falling apart 
All you have to do is say a prayer 
And love will save the day 
There’s an answer in your heart 
So let your light shine on my dear 
And love will save the day 
Love will save the day [X4]

Many things in this world bring you down 
It’s a wonder you can make it through the day 
Well, you can’t sleep cause your problems are to deep 
And there’s always something getting in the way 
And when you turn on the evening news 
Mass confusion is the only thing you see 
Well there’s no question that we need a new direction 
Cause we all could use some peace and harmony 


Love is gonna save the day 
You’ve gotta believe it
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